Best Way To Stay in Colombia

On this page you will be provided with information on how to find short term rentals in Colombia. Check out the wide selection of temporary accommodation and book it today.


Colombia Condo

Rent a condo in Bogota, Colombia – from $60 per night!


The province capitals and large cities like Bogotá, Cartagena, Medellin, Cucuta and others are very safe. Accommodation solutions in these cities range from very cheap bed and breakfast rooms in private apartments to luxury holiday houses and vacation villas in the best neighborhoods.

If you travel to Colombia, don’t miss visiting Cartagena, the Heroic City, and the major tourist attraction in this country. The colonial architecture is well-worth seeing and its numerous museums, festivals, restaurants are on the ‘must-do’ list of every traveler who visits this city.

A great deal of short term leases can be found in the city. Cali is famous for its coffee and sugar industry. It is also known as the salsa capital of Latin America.


Medellin Flat

Available flat for rent in Medellin, Colombia – from $57 per night!


Book one of the affordable short lets in Cali and experience unforgettable nightlife in numerous bars, restaurants and clubs in the city. You can stay in one of the temporary housing in Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring or book a private flat in Pereira, a perfect gateway to the National Park Los Nevados.

For the best summer vacation, rent one a holiday house in Santa Marta, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with beautiful beaches, snowy mountain, and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the background. You can find lots of inexpensive self-catering studios there.


Colombia is situated in South America and it is the only country in that continent with coastlines on both, the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific. The capital city of Colombia is Bogota, one of major tourist destinations in the country with a large number of museums, restaurants, bars, parks, theaters and a great variety of short stays.

It is important to know that there are areas in Colombia that are considered too dangerous for tourism, due to a civil conflict between paramilitaries, guerrillas and state forces, like rural areas bordering Venezuela and some areas in southern, northwestern and southeastern parts of Colombia.





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