Most Beautiful Places for Short Stay in Cyprus

This page is dedicated to short term rentals in Cyprus. Here you will find the offer of private accommodations that you can book online together with some information about the island.



Basic Info About Short Stay Apartments in Cyprus


Cyprus is an island country that offers a great tour to the people who come here to enjoy a relaxing vacation by lying on the beach. This is why, in order to help those people, a way of renting cheap apartments has been devised through this page. Here you may lease comfortable and affordable short term rentals in Cyprus and have the vacation you have been wishing for.

A variety of different places to stay for a few days in some of the most popular destinations and cities of Cyprus can be found here. Additionally, some of the smaller towns may also offer you a way to visit them, which has been close to impossible in the past. Relieve a truly wonderful holiday in Cyprus by renting an accommodation here, which is near the coastal parts of the island.

Be assured that the late rooms that you will be renting are located near the beaches and will make it very much easier for you to live.


Cyprus stylish apartment for rent

Stylish apartment for rent in Cyprus. From €65 per night.


Beach houses for rent or other convenient short lets are on demand and we are here to offer them to you. Also, for a top stay in Cyprus we are offering you a chance to rent some luxury accommodation. Short stay villas in Cyprus have recently started to become popular and more and more people are looking to lease them. They are even more popular within the beach resort areas.

They can be leased by groups or even by individuals who want a luxury and private stay. As for the big cities and urban areas in the central part of Cyprus a lot of flats are being offered for rent. Lease a studio in Cyprus or any other type of a rentals located in the city of your choice.

Private accommodation come as being very modernly furnished and equipped with various amenities. Take a look at the offered list of services a temporary housing can provide and base your choosing upon that.



Popular destination in Cyprus

Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca. With our website you can find apartments for rent in each of them!



Information About Cyprus


Cyprus is known for its adventurous walks which are truly enthralling for the mind and soul. This is one place that is capable of mesmerizing you with its breathtaking peaks. The Kyrenia Mountains is one such amazing place.

There are sunny and golden beaches worth experiencing too. In this paradise of the Mediterranean you will find plenty of amazing hotspots. Cyprus happens to be the most striking place in this part of the world where everyone can have their own style of adventure.


Among the many reasons that Cyprus is known for is its peace and serenity. There are no hoards of onlookers and probing eyes. Hence, one gets to experience a total family time or in some cases a personal time. The scenery is very much inspiring which happens to be the precise reason for tourist attraction here.


Holiday Rentals in Cyprus


The fact that Cyprus is able to draw so much of tourism is evident in its short term rental projects. Convenient self-catering accommodation can be found in any area of your preference. The infrastructure aids in easy traveling, thus, short stay inns can be accessed from a number of routes.

The vacation villas and apartments are all about modernism where all sorts of utilities are provided with a fully equipped room and kitchen too. A virtual tour of our site would reveal you the affordable holiday houses that can be taken for rent. Online booking has been facilitated for visitors to make their arrangements before.

Cheap and convenient short term rentals are on the offer where tourists are to enjoy the well furnished inns for bed and breakfast.



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