Accommodation in Dakar. Rent an Apartment in The City!

Those who are looking for short term rentals in Dakar, Senegal don’t need to look any further, as we have a huge selection of fully furnished rentals in this area found through this web page. That way, you won’t have to browse numerous websites to find a short let which is perfect for your vacation style.


Flat to rent in Dakar for short stays. From €40 per night.

Flat to rent in Dakar for short stays. From €40 per night.


There are numerous affordable and fully-furnished holiday apartments in Dakar, Senegal available through this web page listed by the owner. Due to the wide variety of price ranges, types and locations of the aforementioned apartments, it is safe to say that they can cater to every budget.

Those who are considering of visiting this area for a city break would do well to opt for booking a studio apartment in Dakar, Senegal as that way they will be close to downtown and won’t have to pay much due to affordable prices.


Many beautiful temporary accommodations in Dakar can be found near the Parc Zoologique in Dakar, Senegal which will provide you with a great view and a tranquil environment surrounded with forested area and a gorgeous city park and there are also condos in the Patte D’Oies area too.

If you’re planning to visit Dakar with your family, you can also find furnished luxurious studios and modest entire houses for rent in Dakar, Senegal which offer lots of space and a great level of comfort. Many amenities which are available, the list of which depends only on the particular housing option you opt for will make your stay an even more enjoyable experience.

All of the listed private accommodation options are owned by friendly owners who will be glad to help their guests with any piece of information about the city and its surrounding that they might require.


Dakar apartment rental

Apartment to let in Dakar. From €65 per night.


Check out the list of short stays in Dakar and take a look on photos, compare prices of available vacation rentals and choose your favorite one. After that you can lease it through the online booking form.


About Dakar


Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal


Dakar is located on the Cap-Vert Peninsula (on the Atlantic coast), which makes it the westernmost city on the mainland of Africa and a valuable hub for European and transAtlantic trade and a major regional port. Dakar is also the largest city of Senegal and its capital.

It has a population of more than one million people which, when we take in account the metropolitan area comes up to 2.45 million people. This city is also the major administrative centre and home to the Senegalese President’s Palace and the National Assembly of Senegal.




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