Short Stay Apartments in Dominica

People who are interested in renting some short term rentals in Dominica should check out our list of them on this page. The rentals listed on this page are very comfortable, well situated and most importantly cheap. The page has got all the needed information about every short stay in Dominica and will ultimately help you find the perfect one for you.


Dominica Hut

Rent a hut in Dominica – from $45 per night!


The vacation rentals in Dominica come at very low renting prices. They are perfect for people who are traveling on a budget or do not have enough money to go to a hotel. Either way, hotels are generally too expensive nowadays and not a lot of people can afford them. This is why this page exists. In order to help people find better ways to travel to foreign countries.

The types of accommodation listed here vary from small apartments and flats to whole houses to rent and even some extraordinary villas. These rentals are owned by private owners or the locals who make their living by renting beautiful accommodations to tourists. So one can easily find, for example, a two bedroom apartment in Roseau or a house which houses up to ten people in Portsmouth and even a luxurious villa that is close to the seaside.


The vacation rentals come equipped with various amenities with the purpose of making your stay better. There are TVs with cable in most of the condos and a special offer is the internet connection which is mostly needed by the tourists so they could get in touch with people back home. There are serviced apartments which have washers and dryers and ones which include an air conditioning system.

The villas usually come with a swimming pool and in some cases a hot tub, while the houses have a fully functioning and furnished kitchen. The private rentals can also offer bed and breakfast services to go with them and will include a cup of coffee or some other beverage and a freshly prepared breakfast. You can choose to enjoy your breakfast in the lounge or decide to have it brought to your room.


Dominica House

Affordable house for rent in Dominica – from $115 per night!


Things You Should Know About Dominica


Dominica, or officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island nation in the Caribbean, or more precisely in the Lesser Antilles. It has around 71,293 inhabitants and the capital is the city of Roseau. It is actually the youngest island of the Caribbean and is nicknamed “Nature Isle of the Caribbean.” It is the home of many rare species of animals and plants, the home of many rainforests and a lot of unique nature.

These all make Dominica one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Besides swimming and sunbathing on one of the locals beaches, visitors may enjoy snorkeling, dolphin watching, whale watching and participating in one of the many boat tours. Places to see are the Middleham Falls, Valley of Desolation/ Boiling Lake and The Kalinago Barana Autê.






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