Holiday Rentals in Dubai

The page was created to facilitate the process of finding and booking a short stay apartment in Dubai. It also provides an overview of interesting characteristics of the city, its landmarks, neighborhoods and its history. A great thing about staying in private accommodation is that your hosts who are local people, will be glad to help you with answers to any of your questions and provide you with directions.


Dubai has been recognized as one of the top tourist destinations to visit at present. It has some of the finest restaurants and shops with so much to offer to tourists that even a week time would be not enough to try them all. The place is also perfect for water sports lovers as the beach offers almost all types of water sport activities.

The desert tours can offer camel rides with sand all around. In addition to this, music and dance lovers will have a spectacular time in night clubs that will provide them with a unique nightlife.


For shopping, there are so many to choose from, but the most famous of all is the uniquely designed god jewelry in Dubai. Aside from this, there are more interesting and fun things to do in Dubai, and it’s no surprise why more than 100 million tourist visit here every year to explore its amazing beauty.


Apartment on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai - from $80 per night!

Apartment on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai – from $80 per night!


The two main holiday rentals offered in Dubai are hotels and furnished apartments. Among these two places to stay people mostly prefer to stay in apartments for rent as  they offer the same facility offered in a hotel, but at a much cheaper price. One can also opt for self catering options as it can save them money and spend  it to buy other things while in Dubai.

When in Dubai, you can always find a cozy fully furnished private room for $67 per day and it will provides you with enough amenities to make you feel like staying at home away from home with a better view.


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