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Need a short term rental in Edinburgh, Scotland? In that case you are wise to consult this page. Here you will be able to, firstly, find available private apartments in the capital of Scotland and, secondly, get the information needed to lease them or book them quickly and get to know the city which every visitor needs.


Information on Short Term Lets in Edinburgh


Short term lets Edinburgh; from $49 per night!

Cosy relaxed short term let in Leith Area, Edinburgh


A trip to Edinburgh and staying in a self-catering apartment is what every visitor of this city yearns for. A furnished place for all types of visitors is something which the page actually offers. It is designed to help you achieve just that, whether you are a tourist, business person or a simple passerby. Every person who visits Edinburgh will find something for him or her. The apartments offered here are not just mere places to stay while you are in Edinburgh, they are actually much more than that. More so, they are highly comfortable and provide you a place to rest and gather your strength for the next day of fun if you are here on a vacation, or your next work day if the purpose of your trip is work.


From this you can see that any type of visit to Edinburgh is possible with the inclusion of modern amenities like an internet connection in each home and a flat screen TV. Visitors will have the opportunity to relax in their spare moments or finish off their work at their temporary homes. Additionally, holiday homes which are listed as suitable for kids may also come very useful for your family vacations.


Large Room in Quirky Old Apartment Let, Edinburgh; $45 per night

Large Room in Quirky Old Apartment Let, Edinburgh


Even the youngest members of your family will feel right at home as some large vacation rentals include a specially furnished room for kids, a baby cot and even some toys as an offer. There are some very luxuriously apartments also available in Edinburgh, some with extra bedrooms and a balcony with a view. Most of the accommodations are privately owned by local owners. They provide a service which is very convenient because they skip the procedures that hotels have, which will result in you having to start spending your holiday as quickly as possible.

It is a great value for money, especially because you have the chance to choose a unique and a personal let which will serve your own vacationing purposes. Another great thing that you can look for are bed and breakfast apartments. Find an apartment for rent in Edinburgh which includes a morning meal, freshly cooked- a great way to start your day during your holiday. Booking a short let in Edinburgh online is very safe and easy to do and really modern, which allows people to do it from the comfort of their homes.


Location of Private Accommodation Lets


Since Edinburgh is an enormous city, there are many locations which seem fit for your vacation. Quiet and urban locations as well as popular locations are waiting here for you. For example, rent a furnished flat in Blackford. Clermiston is also a beautiful area where you can find a temporary accommodation which will suite you as well as your family. You may also make a choice based on your sightseeing preferences, like finding a place to stay near the Edinburgh Castle. Liberton, Leith and Parkgrove are also areas which are characterized by being more popular for tourists due to their quiet neighborhoods. But if you really want to be close and open to everything happening in Edinburgh, choose a centrally located vacation rental at a cheap price.



Edinburgh, Scotland


Prices of Rentals


The short term lets offered here will convince you that leasing private homes is far better than going to a hotel. Edinburgh has over 500 rentals available and each and every one of them is cost effective for you. You can go as low as 20 euros for a flat or higher than 250 euros per day for a luxury holiday rental. Single flats can be rented for 20 to 30 euros per night. Condos are leased for approximately 50 euros. A studio, on the other hand, will cost you up to 100 euros in Edinburgh. Self-catering apartments range from 100 to 200 EUR/day and the price can be divided according to how many bedrooms they have or how many people it can house. Some luxury temporary homes can be leased for 250 euros a night. Short stay villas are the most popular kind and are certainly worth the price.


Main Attractions and Historical Facts of Edinburgh


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle


The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh, is situated in shore of the Firth of Forth in the area called Lothian. It is actually the second most populated city of its country, but the seventh most populated of the entire United Kingdom. It is the seat of government of Scotland and it was proclaimed as so in 1999 after many changes and disputes which have occurred during the years with the English seat of government. What characterizes Edinburgh today is actually linked with its past and that is a vast wealth in terms of heritage and historical landmarks and buildings left here from various periods of Edinburgh’s history. It is what actually makes this city a cultural, artistic and economical center of the country. The prime symbols of Edinburgh are certainly the Edinburgh Castle, churches of St. Giles, Greyfriars and the Holyrood Palace. Edinburgh is divided into the Old Town and the Georgian New Town, built in the 18th century. Both the Old and the New Towns of Edinburgh are jointly labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The nation’s highest facilities are also situated in Edinburgh, like the highest rated university in the world like the University of Edinburgh, and other national institutions such as the National Library of Scotland, the National Museum of Scotland and the Scottish National Gallery.


Book your short term let for a city break in Edinburgh well in advance and do so by clicking the “More Property Listings” button on the page. Browse through the list or analyze the short lets individually in order to find the one best suited for you.