Holiday Rentals in Essaouira


Take a tour of our page and find out more about short term rental sin Essaouira, Morocco. This page specializes in enabling tourists and general visitors of this city to find appropriate and personal places to stay.

The page also offers budget rentals and various other ways which will save you money when renting riads in Essaouira.


Bright Apartment For Rent in Essaouira Next To the Beach

Bright apartment for rent in Essaouira next to the beach – from 76 EUR per night!


The city of Essaouira in Morocco is a great place for a quiet holiday. Family vacations are the most numerous reason of visit to this city, but the affluent heritage sites and monumental historical landmarks pave the way for many of the people who value sightseeing rather than resting.

But not all of them can afford to stay in a hotel nor should they pay the expensive prices the hotels charge these days. Private rentals are a way of having a perfect place to stay in a foreign country and paying an affordable price in the process.

Staying in an another person’s home has its advantages, especially if your host is an outgoing person who has lots of knowledge about the city and is willing to share it with you and help you have a better time.

Shared accommodations also always mean bed and breakfast services included in the price and there are many of these options available in Essaouira.


The majority of the serviced apartments are situated in the central part of Essaouira. These rentals are close to some of the major landmarks of the city and also allow you to move and reach other parts and see more places of Essaouira with ease.

Since family vacations are a popular reason of visit, Essaouira offers a lot of holiday homes. Self-catering accommodations furnished with a fully sized kitchen, backyard and private parking are a great way for the family to spend a vacation.

It also helps if you manage to find a temporary housing in a more quiet part of the city which will allow you to get some rest and your children to have more fun. Because of its geographical location, Essaouira is characterized by having some of the beaches with the biggest waves in the world.

This is a great attraction for surfers and enthusiasts of this extreme type of a sport. People coming here because of these reasons can lease some beach houses or flats which can be found in the vicinity of these beaches.


Essaouira Studio Apartment For Rent

1 Bedroom studio apartment for rent in Essaouira, Morocco – from 49 EUR per night!


Location of Our Rentals in Essaouira


Essaouira offers a lot of very convenient locations and it can serve you to have a better holiday. Depending on your purpose of visit one can lease an apartment in various parts of Essaouira.

For those who want to explore the site and see the wonders of Essaouira a place to stay near the UNESCO Heritage site of Medina is appropriate.

The blend and the clash of various different culture is more than apparent in Essaouira, Morocco and to really experience that one should rent a temporary housing in the city center.

People interested in visiting the beaches and those who fancy water sports can find a short stay let in the surrounding beach area of Essaouira.


Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco


Rentals Prices


The private short stays in Essaouira, Morocco can be rented at some rock bottom prices. Budget rentals in Essaouira range from 20 to 400 euros per rental. The smaller places to stay are priced from 20 to 50 euros.

Bigger studios will cost you a hefty 100 euros per day, but it will include some very nice amenities and a cozy atmosphere. For smaller groups there are serviced apartment rentals which cost from 100 to 150 euros a pop.

For a great family vacation in a serene area of Essaouira one needs to cash a sum between 200 and 250. For those who would like to spend a luxury vacation in this Moroccan city and do not want to spare any expenses, vacation rentals are available from 250 and can reach 400 euros per night for the most luxurious ones with pools.



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