Short Term Rentals in Europe

This page has a variety of short term rentals in Europe that you can check out. There are different types of accommodation of every sort, listed here which are mainly owned by private owners from the county and city in which you are about to stay in. This is the best and cheapest way of staying abroad and this page is a premiere search tool for those kinds of rentals.


Short term rentals in Europe


When we say the cheapest we mean the most affordable accommodation rentals situated in various countries around Europe. When we say convenient we mean that the private owners of these places have given their best to furnish these places so they can fit to anyone’s standard and be appealing and at the same time useful to a variety of visitors.

The list of available accommodation goes on and on and the various options given to you can only make your stay more convenient and will give you the chance to find a late room which will apply to your purpose of visit.


Vilamoura Apartment To Let Ideal For Larger Group

Apartment for Rent in Vilamoura, Portugal – Available for 33 EUR per night!


Here you can find short stay apartments for business trips, serviced apartments for sightseeing adventures, single flats when visiting the most exciting cities of Europe, or even family homes when you embark on a trip with your family. The various private condos for rent in various countries of Europe are enough for a stay of a few days. They can be used for

They can be used for single visits or for the stay of couples or two visitors. Very convenient for a variety of stays, they provide the basic amount of comfort and the amenities to go with it. Apartment rentals are a bit bigger and are usually rented by smaller groups. They are characterized by allowing you to bring some of your closest friends with you on a trip with enough space for everyone to enjoy.

Often they will include double bedrooms to make your sleeping arrangement enjoyable. Take a look at the variety of holiday homes which are often used by larger groups of people.


Apartment in Brugge

Flat to rent in Brugge, Belgium – from 40 EUR per day


They are basic housings which are owned by the local people and are rented to you as a whole. You are basically renting a whole house for the purpose of your visit. This is best when you decide to go on a family vacation because the majority of them are child-friendly, and they also act as a personal home during your stay.

They are equipped with large kitchens, air conditioning systems, private parking spaces for those who are traveling with their own vehicles and many more amenities and services which will help you enjoy a perfect vacation.

Additionally, for those who do not mind spending a little bit more for some extra comfort, we present to you a range of short stay villas in various cities of Europe. Luxury accommodation rentals are mainly used in some beach resort places and popular vacation spots. There are unique luxury accommodations within the mountainous parts of Europe, popular for their winter sports and skiing opportunities.


You can check the listings for almost every country situated in Europe. There are attractive sights and useful places to visit for people coming from different parts of Europe and for those coming from other continents who wants to experience different cultures.

Currently we have short term stays in Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Faroe IslandsGeorgia, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova,Montenegro, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine


Apartment in Thessaloniki

Apartment fore rent in Thessaloniki, Greece. Available from 30 per day.