Holiday Rentals in Faroe Islands

This page contains all the information one needs to find short term rentals on the Faroe Islands. The information are fairly accurate and can be very useful as a guide when searching for places to stay in many different countries. This particular page is dedicated to finding late rooms on the Faroe Islands and will provide you with the locations, prices and amenities that the rooms have.


Here we have the list of rentals in Torshavn and other places in Faroe Islands where you can stay for a few days. Going on a vacation has become a problem for many people, leaving only the well-privileged ones to travel. The rest of the travelers have to try to save money before deciding to go on a journey.

The temporary rentals in Faroe Islands that you may find on this page are affordable to everyone and can easily fit into everyone’s budget. The trick is only to find a perfect accommodation that will suit your budget and needs. The Faroe Islands is one of the most interesting locations on the Earth to visit and the flats for rent that you can find here are specially equipped to help you experience the country better. They are very comfortable and well furnished.


Faroe Islands house

Luxury house for rent in Faroe Islands. From $144 per night.


Every single one of them comes with a TV and there are ones that offer cable to go. An internet connection is also available so you will be able to inform your friends about all the fun you are having on the North of Europe. The climate on the Faroe Islands is a little colder so the flats come also with heating and some of them with washers and dryers.

If you want to bring in your own food there are some self-catering accommodation which will allow you to bring in your own food inside and prepare it any way you like. But, on the other hand, there are bed and breakfast services in Faroe Islands offered by the landlords which you can easily book.

Depending on your group of people who are coming along, you can choose serviced apartments which have two or three bedrooms and even whole houses to rent which will allow every member of your group to feel comfortable.


Faroe Islands room

Private room to rent in Faroe Islands. From $94 per night.


All available holiday rentals are owned by Faroe’s locals. Your host will be happy to inform you about all things you want to know about the country. If you decide to book a private room, you’ll be under the same roof with your host. That’s great opportunity to see how real, local people live and to learn more about their culture. Now just take a look on the photos of all available private rentals, read some reviews, look photos and decide which house you want to book for your city break.


Faroe Islands cabin

Cabin in Faroe Islands


The Faroe Islands area a group of islands situated in Europe, between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea. The country is under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark, but are gradually becoming a self-governing country. The Faroe Islands consists of 18 major islands. The biggest and the most populated city is Torshavn and some others include Klaksvik and Hoyvik.

The Faroes are mostly popular as being great fishers and they have the reputation of being whalers. The most popular day of the year for Faroes is the national holiday Ólavsøka which celebrates the death of Saint Olaf. The country is filled with great natural beauty and is a great place to go and wander off into the wilderness. It has a unique mixture of flora and fauna that that can not be found anywhere else in the world.


Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands



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