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Finland is known as the land of a thousand lakes and rightly so because its unique geographical position and natural endowment make it appealing to visitors. Not only that but, it also features some very interesting historical sites situated in some of the modern cities of Europe. But to be able to see all of these and truly enjoy them, one needs to find a place where to stay in and feel comfortable in it as well.

Find short term rentals in Finland on this page at an affordable price. All of the listed late rooms here are privately owned and it is what accounts for them being cheap.


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The hosts also want you to feel comfortable, so the accommodation in Finland are furnished to the latest standards so as to achieve the highest levels of comfort for each type of visitor. This way you are free to see and explore all of Finland’s treasures and be able to visit different cities. See the lakes of Finland by staying in a beautiful and comfy cottage.

Have a nice and refreshing family holiday with your loved ones by renting a holiday home in Finland. Couples may enjoy a double bed apartment rental which features all the basic needed amenities. A small kitchen and a washing machine is something which will help you save additional money on meals and hygiene. Going for a business trip for a few days can now be achieved in a few clicks of a button.

Flats which are centrally located in the Finish towns may be very useful for such type of trips. Additionally, private rooms may include a stable internet connection and various entertainment systems like a TV or a stereo system, which will help a working person get his or her work done and take a rest after.


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Finland is located in the northern side of Europe and falls under the leading six of the European countries. This is known to be the heart of Christmas celebration since this is the very place where Santa Claus lives, hence it is able to attract a large number of people and kids.

The Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki is the hub of all tourists’ attraction. This is also among the most visited places given the collection of rich local and international modern art. Among the many programs on offer are film, drama, theatre etc. The building itself is a treat to the eye.


With the country always buzzing with tourists, especially in the Christmas season, the best of the vacation accommodation can be found. But advance booking should be made because these self-catering villas and apartments are booked like hot cakes.

Our website would help you find a great deal on holiday rentals. There are many categories on the offer. You can scan through the images of rooms and bed and breakfast apartments and take your pick. These short stay rentals have the best facilities available from equipped kitchen to other stuff.

The affordable houses available for rent have adjoining areas where other essential amenities are available 24/7. Hospitals, medical clinics, utility stores are all in the vicinity. The furnished housing is just a click away so make your online booking now.



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