Looking For Accommodation in Freetown? Rent an Apartment Here!

This page is designed to help you find short term rentals in Freetown, Sierra Leone. All data and info about apartments are completely and easily accessible here and allows for fast browsing and even faster booking. Any piece of information that you can find here is a hundred percent accurate and will be your gateway in finding and renting a place for a short stay in Freetown.


Freetown private room

Private room in Freetown to let. From 44 EUR per night.


Accommodation in Freetown – Information


In Freetown, Sierra Leone one can find some interesting private rentals. Besides the basic apartments and whole housings, Freetown offers some unique temporary accommodations. The first thing you need to know is that all of the listed condos are owned by owners from the city or its surrounding area.

Owners who are friendly people like to entertain newcomers, especially foreigners and would very much like to help by explaining their culture to them and giving them a tour own the city. Self-catering accommodations which you can find in Freetown are private houses which are put entirely for rent.

They feature multiple bedrooms, furnished kitchens and a range of amenities which will make you feel even more comfortable than in your very own home.


From this you can see that they mostly suit the needs of larger groups. Private rooms can also easily be found here and are some of the cheaper late rooms in the city. Suitable for a single person or for a couple, they offer services like a WiFi internet connection, entertainment amenities like TVs or sound systems or just good old peace and quiet for visitors who want a relaxing holiday.

The most interesting vacation rentals in Freetown have to be the beach bungalows or cottages set in an eco-community near the ocean front. Real adventurers or people who want to relive a real and invigorating holiday can rent these cottages or beach houses which are quite literal on the beach and will allow you a positive atmosphere every day.

You can enjoy by waking up in the sounds of the waves. Take a look on the list and choose your place where you’ll stay for a short period in Freetown.


Freetown home

Entire home for rent in Freetown. From 75 EUR per day.


Where Apartments Are Located?


Places to stay for a few days are available all over Freetown and in different convenient locations. For example in Susan’s Bay which is near the Sacred Heart Cathedral you can find some. Flats are also concentrated in the nearest most vicinity of the Siaka Stevens Stadium or just down the near the Motor Main road.

A variety of holiday home is present in the most central parts of Freetown, Sierra Leone, like in the Leicester Square and in the Regent Catchment Area. Lakka Beach and Hamilton Beach are also very interesting places of the city and will most likely be of great interest to you.

If you decide to lease a back house property in these parts, take a look on the map to locate an apartment for rent that can be close to your preferable location.


Freetown Earth Dome

Earth home to rent in Freetown in eco-community. from 75 EUR per night.


What About Prices?


Although you may not be aware of this fact, but it is something that you will soon find out and no doubt experience. Short lets are some of the most cheapest rentals and the most affordable ones in the world. As you will see from the list, the prices of apartment renting in Freetown can go as low as 20 euros per night.

This is in the case of smaller or rentals for one person. The other ones, like whole houses to rent are between 50 and 100 euros per night in Freetown. Depending on the location of the unique rentals which are so popular here, you may find a place to stay for between 40 to 150 euros. Of course, it also depends on the size of the place as well.