Affordable Vacation Rentals in Fresno, CA

If you are looking for short term rentals in Fresno, CA, here you will find the list of private apartments and rooms available for rent for a few days or weeks! All of the apartments are owned by friendly locals, who will do their best to make you feel at home during your stay in Fresno. You won’t need to worry about finding tourist information bureaus as you’ll get all the info firsthand, along with insider information about great places in the city. Enjoy your stay!



About Apartments in Fresno


Room for rent in Fresno, CA; from $62 per night!

Room for rent in Fresno, CA; from $62 per night!


While having your city break in Fresno, CA, you might like to have some affordable lodgings. On this page you will will find the list of temporary housing available for rent for a short stay in Fresno. There are diverse types of private accommodation and the most popular are self catering apartments which give their guests privacy and freedom in preparing their meals.

Short term leases are available at cheap prices and also include holiday houses which are fully furnished with luxurious interiors, regularly maintained and are in a great condition for your stay. You can rent one of the private rooms when you come to Fresno and you will have a comfortable stay without any disturbance.

Bed and breakfast flats are getting popular each passing year among tourists for their ability to provide the same kind of faculties, even more at times, as the hotels do.


Room near Yosemite and Kings Canyon, Fresno, CA; from $50 per night!

Room near Yosemite and KingsCanyon, Fresno, CA; from $50 per night!


You can find a room for rent in Fresno, CA for $35 per night including many amenities or you can opt for a bed & breakfast option for around $65 per night. On the other hand, if you plan on coming over with a larger group of friends, you can consider renting an entire fully furnished house in Fresno for $115 per day and enjoy many amenities available.



Some Info About Fresno, CA


Situated in the San Joaquin Valley, California, the city of Fresno is often considered as the stop mid way to the Yosemite National Park as well as Sequoia and Kings National Parks. There is much to see in Fresno, including the Forestiere Underground Gardens, which is an underground complex built by Baldasare Forestiere, a Sicilian immigrant during his stay in the city.


Yosemite National Park, Fresno, CA

Yosemite National Park, Fresno, CA