Short Term Rentals in Georgia

Find a great list of short term rentals in Georgia and make your stay more comfortable. Book one of the private apartments or room from a wide range of offer from us.



Private Accommodations in Georgia


Georgia offers historically rich landmarks combined with modern areas of Georgian cities. This is actually what tourists find the most appealing about this country and mainly why they visit. As the growing need to visit this country has exploded we are here to give you a unique opportunity of staying in Georgia and learning more about its people and culture.

As the rentals in Georgia listed here are all privately owned, you will get an opportunity to interact with your host and learn some of the key facts about the city you are visiting and the culture and tradition of the people as well. This is all made even better with the acquisition of a short term rental in Georgia which are labeled as having a pretty high level of comfort.


You can be assured that the accommodations you are renting in the country of Georgia are equipped and favorably located. Get a glance of some of the most popular historical treasures that this country has to offer and stay in a flat in the central part of Georgian cities. As family vacations are equally popular, a holiday home is what will settle you and your family down.

Including multiple bedrooms, an enormous kitchen and all the basic appliances a home has, this temporary housing is a perfect haven. Enjoys staying in a serviced apartment in Georgia which is fitted so as to house couples or smaller groups. Included with the arrangement are some amenities like air conditioning systems, an internet connection, a laundromat and additional sheets and toiletries.

As you will no doubt notice, some of the host even offer bed and breakfast services, which you will agree are very useful in a visit to a foreign country. On the other hand, find a self-catering accommodation and arrange your meals any way you please.



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Georgia is one state that is the heart of tourist’s attraction from head to toe. The landscape and the general air are peaceful where the greenery is simply amazing. These landscapes in fact encourage you to go for drives or even walk through the hills and country side. Tbilisi is the capital of the country.

The historic city of Savannah has a lot to offer for people who are lovers of art and culture. It is a huge and magnificently built city. The place is beautiful and given its historical background it is able to attract people to witness the history that is attached to it.


Apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia - from $35 per night!

Apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia – from $35 per night!


With so much on offering by the tourism industry the place accommodates a large number of people in its exquisite and affordable holiday villas and self-catering apartments. The houses that are offered are furnished and hygienic, hence the tourists can be at perfect ease.

All these short term rentals are fully equipped with kitchen. In addition to this, there are additional amenities with the likes of Wi-Fi to make the short stay comfortable and worth it too.


Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia


The vacation rentals are located in the heart of the city so that one is able to travel to even far off destinations. The public and private transport is ever available so your stay for rent could never be more comfortable. Our site would give you all the knowledge and details of the various categories of cheap accommodation. So, depending on your needs and your fine tastes you can go for online booking of your room from the comfort of your home.



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