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Our goal is to provide you with the list of short term rentals in the most popular German cities and destinations. On this page you can find thousands of private rentals across this European country. Beside rentals here you can learn something about Germany.



Holiday Rentals in Germany – Info


Treat yourself with a vacation to some of Germany’s most modern cities or enjoy a relaxing stay in its countryside. This could all be achieved by renting an accommodation on this page which features a range of private rentals located in all major parts of Germany, as well as some less popular ones.

It is a way for you to find a short term rental in Germany at a cut down price, find it in a city or region of your desire and choose a place to stay which will fit your standards. There are more than a thousand options available for you to choose from and you can start by deciding on your priorities for your vacation, because we literally have an option for every scenario.


Apartment in Cologne located at Zülpicher Platz; from $82 per night!

Apartment in Cologne located at Zülpicher Platz; from $82 per night!


Choose to stay in a holiday apartment in Germany which is quite nicely arranged and is specially prepared for short visits. Staying in a studio for rent in Germany has various upsides because a lot of them offer modern amenities and services and are in close proximity to public transport as well.

As you will need to arrange something for your meals, we recommend renting a bed and breakfast room. That way you do not have to worry about finding food when you get up in the morning. But if you are confident enough in preparing your own food and do not mind spending time on your vacation doing so, rent some self-catering one, which include a very nicely and fully arranged kitchen.

For larger groups, there are many hosts which offer whole houses to rent. Some of them are quite luxurious, like short stays villas for example. The multiple bedrooms, wholesome atmosphere, full kitchen and other basic household amenities are more than enough to give a stellar vacation to each group of visitors, while the luxuriously furnished apartments rentals are perfect for those who want to dig a bit deeper in their pockets for some extra comfort.


Germany is a very popular destination due to it’s beautiful nature, history and cities that are centres of economy. Millions of visitors from all countries are coming each year in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and other places for city breaks, fun or more serious things like business.

The people of Germany are known for their hospitable nature and many of property owners decided to rent out their houses and apartments to travelers. So, instead of staying in a hotel, you can rent a private room, or a whole house in almost every town in Germany.

For example you can always ask your host for some ideas what to see in the city or where are the best restaurants. Also, when you rent a short stay in Germany you’ll feel like at home. Most of apartments are equipped with a kitchen, WIFI internet, TV and other things you need to have a great city break.



Most Popular Places in Germany:


Here are the list of mot popular destinations in the country:
Hanover, Leipzig, Bremen, BonnDusseldorf, Essen, Lubeck, Dortmund, Aachen, Constance, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Ostseebad Sellin and Dresden


Apartment for rent in Leipzig; from $82 per night!

Apartment for rent in Leipzig; from $82 per night!


All holiday homes listed on our website are fully furnished. You don’t have to bring much things with you if you choose to stay in a private rental. Prices of such type of accommodation are cheap in comparison with most hotel prices. Private rooms are cheap, but if you are looking for luxury, there are many villas, chalets and big houses that will suit your needs.

Some of them are interesting for historic and similar reasons and others are industrial and business centers. Each year many visitors from all over the world visit these German cities.


Short Term Rentals in Germany



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