Flats To Let in Glasgow

The purpose of this page is to show you various short term rentals in Glasgow, Scotland. We have the list of private flats and rooms owned by friendly locals. All these temporary accommodations in Glasgow are available for rent. You can compare different rental types and find everything there is to know about them in a few simple clicks, resulting in you being able to rent a place to stay in Scotland’s capital.


Glasgow Apartment With a Balcony

Glasgow Apartment With a Balcony – From 143 EUR per day!


Private Flats To Let in Glasgow


If you are looking for private flats in Glasgow, then just simply check out the offer through this page. We have a list of various short stays which are offered by friendly local people from the city who have spare rooms or places to lease. The result is cheaper rentals and convenient accommodation. Instead of expensive hotels, it is a much better to choose some of the private apartments here on this page, instead of looking elsewhere.

The page is very easy to use and saves time and money. The cheapest place to stay for low budget travelers is a single private room. Glasgow is filled with plenty of flats that are available for rent where a person can get at least a bed to sleep and relax. For single visitors or couples, it is best used if combined with a bed and breakfast offer.


Apartment To Let Close to The Glasgow University

Apartment To Let Close to The Glasgow University – From 143 EUR per day!


For group visits there are some great serviced apartments offered in Glasgow. The advantage of these larger places is the space and more bedrooms offered to accommodate a group of people, which will allow you to split the costs of your stay. Included in the offer are some very useful amenities.


Self catering condos in Glasgow are fully furnished and equipped with kitchen so you can prepare your meals. In addition, short stay apartments also provide a steady internet connection, air conditioning system and even a washing machine. Some modernly arranged flats even include state of the art entertainment systems.

For those who are looking to spend more, there are a lot of big luxury homes and villas. You can stay in one of these luxurious rentals and enjoy a swimming pool or a hot tub. Short term lets in Glasgow, both luxuriouys and cheap are available on this page, especially those on a budget who are looking for a favorable vacation solution.


Apartment to Let in Glasgow

Apartment in Glasgow for rent, from 105 EUR per night.


Apartments are Situated All Around Glasgow


Location is the answer you get when asking people about the most important feature of their vacation rental. Holiday homes are spread out all across Glasgow and offer accommodation solutions for all your visiting preferences. The most useful spot in the city has to be its central part and a late room in the center of Glasgow will certainly be a very useful choice for you.

High Street offers some very nice studios from where you can thoroughly plan your stay in this city. Also, you can enjoy renting whole houses for rent on Glasgow Queen Street, furbished for family visits, or luxurious holiday villas in Argyle Street. The area of Broomiela, along the River Clyde, has very nice private rooms overlooking the river.


Merchant City Festival in Glasgow

Merchant City Festival in Glasgow


Price Rates


Renting a perfect place to stay is never easy, but now it can be very affordable. The list of short term stays in Glasgow has a price span of 20 euros to 150 euros a night. Flats or shared accommodations can be the cheapest and perhaps the most convenient kind of a rental. They cost from 20 to 40 euros.

Vacation rentals with additional amenities and services included are up to 80 euros, while the ones which have two bedrooms are around 100 euros. If you are on a family holiday or a group visit you will need to pay around 100 to 150 euros for a whole holiday home to stay in.



More About Glasgow


Glasgow is the biggest city of Scotland with a vast population. The city has been recognized as a main industrial center. The magnificent culture and architecture has made it won the rank of best tourist destination on several occasions. The frequently organized music events have also made it famous as The City of Music.


The brilliant parks, accessible highlands and museum are some of the imposing attractions that the place has to offer to its visitors. The city is also a host of the 2014 commonwealth games that will in turn be a sole reason for attracting tourists in large numbers from all over the world.

Sport lovers may also view Glasgow as the city which has spawned one of the largest rivalries between two different hometown clubs, Celtic F.C. and Rangers F.C. who are year in and year out going at it at the premier league title.


Botanic Gardens in Glasgow

Botanic Garden in Glasgow




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