Private Apartments For Rent in Gold Coast

The page will help you find short term rentals on the Gold Coast, Australia. The page specializes in finding these types of lodgings and makes it its business to know everything about the listed holiday homes in order to help the tourists and visitors make the right decision. Also, you’ll find out some basic information about the Gold Coast.


Gold Coast Apartment

Apartment for rent on the Gold Coast, Australia – from $63 per night!


More and more tourists decide to have a vacation using short lets. Studio apartments are much easier to find and book. They offer high standard of rest and are equipped to match those standards. Local people from the Gold Coast are usually the owners of these guesthouses who have a spare home or a room that they are not using so they generously decide to rent it to the various visitors who visit the Gold Coast.

The best thing of it all is that the money you pay here is a lot less than the amount you would have spent if you had checked into a hotel. Cheapest type of an accommodation on the Gold Coast is a private room which costs only 20 euros a night, but is very near the beach and accommodates two people. So as you see a couple, for example, can easily find a very cheap place to stay for their holiday escape.


Gold Coast Room

Gold Coast room for rent – from $41 per night!


The most expensive temporary housing costs up to 220 euros, but is of course luxuriously furnished and has top of the range amenities to go with it. Depending on your needs, on the Gold Coast you can find a wide selection of private or shared rooms that are cheaper and can be useful for smaller groups.

There are whole self catering homes available to rent, which are more convenient for larger groups and are suitable for longer stays, and villas as the most luxurious types of rentals which allow you the maximum comfort available and will certainly make your money’s worth. Flats come with a TV and an internet connection, to help you pass your free time, equipped with a nice kitchen and have washers and dryers.

Since it can get very hot sometimes on the Gold Coast, Australia, the majority of the late rooms have air conditioning systems so one can relax and have a good rest. But if you decide to go with the more modern and luxurious apartment rentals you will then have the privilege to enjoy the comfort of using your very own hot tub, a private gym or even cool down in your own pool which is right in front of your condo.



Popular Beaches On The Cold Coast


The Gold Coast is a coastal city located in one of Australia’s states, called Queensland. It is just 95 km south of the capital of the region, Brisbane. Interestingly, it is the most populous non capital city of Australia with 591,473 inhabitants. It is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Australia and consists of 57 kilometers of coastline, mainly beaches and surfing locations.


Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia


Gold Coast is mainly popular for surfing and many of the enthusiasts of this particular sport come to ride the waves and enjoy the sun. The most popular beaches include The Spit, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Beach, Palm Beach and many more. There are some great inland beaches as well like Currumbin Alley, Santa Barbara and Paradise Point being the most popular ones.

It is also popular for hosting various events such as the Gold Coast 600, a racing event, the Wintersun Festival, a two-week entertainment and music festival, and the Schoolies, which is held in Surfers Paradise and last for two weeks and attracts a lot of teenagers who come here to take a break from school.



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