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Everyone who wants to book short term rentals in Harare, Zimbabwe can use this page as a guide. The page welcomes all users and all types of travelers. It offers them various accommodations in this city and information about them. It is a much easier way of finding and leasing places to stay and will be your gateway for a great holiday on Harare, Zimbabwe.


Harare BnB Private Room

Rent a bed and breakfast room in Harare, Zimbabwe – from 83 EUR per day!


Information About Short Stays in Harare


If you are asking yourself where to find Apartments for rent in Harare, Zimbabwe, then the answer is this page. Here you will find a number of private rentals which besides fitting in your budget can also be very comfortable to stay in. Self-catering accommodations in Harare and bed and breakfast leases are listed here and are just waiting for you to choose them. Private rooms are the most basic type of short stays which you can find in Harare.


For the amenities, there are some which will grant you a nice and big back garden where you can relax and enjoy your free time. Others are situated in natural parts and provide peace and quiet which you desperately need on your holiday. Ultimately, there are holiday rentals which even come with a swimming pool and allow you access to it.

But since those vacation rentals are mostly used for single travelers or pairs, at the most, we can also offer you some holiday homes to let. There are whole houses to rent that are big and spacious enough. It can accommodate larger groups and are equipped with furnished kitchens and are listed as temporary accommodations as well.


Multiple bedrooms, a big front garden, and amenities like an internet connection and cable TV are something which is a standard for these cheap studios. Some unique housings in Harare are cottages and outdoor places which are meant for adventurous types of tourists.


Harare Late Room With Breakfast

Room to lease in Harare, Zimbabwe – from 72 EUR per night!


Location of Rentals


The highest concentration of available flats can be found in parts of Harare East and Harare North. The most perfectly located apartments are on Enterprise Road or near Ballantyne Park. The most suitable serviced apartments are of course in the very city center in Harare Central, which is close to Greenwood park.

The area here can provide you with anything you need like shops, markets and restaurants. Condos can be leased on Churchill Avenue while there are some studios near Borrowdale Road.


Harare Temporary Room With Breakfast

Temporary room with breakfast for rent in Harare, Zimbabwe – from 61 EUR per day!


Accommodation Prices


The price range in Harare of the country of Zimbabwe is very affordable, taking into account that holiday apartments can be leased for 30 euros a night. The cheapest places to rent are flats and shared accommodations and come for 20 to 50 euros a night.

Whole houses are of course the most expensive and can be leased approximately for 70 euros daily, with the most cheapest being 50 euros a night and the biggest and the most equipped ones priced for about 100 euros per night.



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