Vacation Rentals in Hobart

Visitors who are looking to find short term rentals in Hobart, Australia may do so by reading this page and browsing through the list it offers. The page contains data about every listed short let in Hobart and generously makes it available to tourists and other visitors. Besides the information about the leases, one can also find out something interesting about the city of Hobart itself and its main sites.


Hobart House

House available for rent in Hobart, Australia – from $106 per night!


There are over a hundred listed temporary accommodations in the city of Hobart. Each and every one of them is perfectly capable of housing and sustaining tourists any time they are available. They come at very cheap and affordable prices. More precisely the prices range from about 30 euros to 200 euros a night depending on the size of the vacation rental. They are all greatly arranged and have the most modern and latest amenities needed for a perfect stay in Hobart.

For example, every private flat has a TV where one can order cable services as well. Internet connection is also an important amenity, so in that case the majority of the holiday homes are equipped either with a direct or Wi-Fi connection. Another thing to look for is air conditioning systems, because it tends to get really hot in Australia, but the owners of these late rooms in Hobart tend to provide one with each rental.


Hobart Apartment

Hobart apartment for rent – from $92 per night!


Entire self-catering homes often come equipped with washers and dryers which come with fully furnished kitchen as well. Apartment rentals are situated all over Hobart and you can choose one depending on its location. For example, the most beautiful ones are those located near the beaches but the most useful ones are in the very center of Hobart because they are very close to the markets.

Many of the listed temporary housings are capable for lodging larger groups of people so one can easily find one for him and his friends or an entire family. But if you come alone or a couple the best way to stay in Hobart are studio apartments or shared accommodations which you share with other travelers or your landlord.



Attractions in Hobart


Hobart is the capital city and the most populous city of the island of Tasmania which is a part of Australia. It was founded as a penal colony and is the second oldest capital town after Sydney. The city has 216,656 inhabitants and is precisely located on the estuary of the Derwent River.

As an attractive getaway city, Hobart is also the home of some scientific buildings concerning the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean. Infrastructures situated here include the Australian Antarctic Division, Commission for the Convention of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels, but also the University of Tasmania and the Integrated Marine Observing System.


Constitution Dock, Hobart, Australia

Constitution Dock, Hobart, Australia


The most important landmarks and sites of the area are the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Mount Wellington, the Tasman Bridge, the Hobart Synagogue, which is the oldest synagogue in Australia, and a rare surviving example of an Egyptian Revival synagogue. Hobart is also the home of many artistic and cultural centers of the Tasman island like the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, the Federation Concert Hall, the Theatre Royal,the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Museum of Old and New Art.



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