Short Stay Apartments in Hong Kong

Welcome to the page about short term rentals in Hong Kong, China. The main goal of this page is to provide you with a list of private accommodations in the city. 


Stylish apartment for rent in Hong Kong; from $75 per night!

Stylish apartment for rent in Hong Kong; from $75 per day!


Great Choice of Apartments for Rent in Hong Kong


Our website offers a wide choice of temporary housings in Hong Kong, China that can help you get one of the best living experiences. Just check out our list of private flats in Hong Kong and choose one that suits your budget and needs. There are hundreds of short lets in the city and all of them are listed by private owners. These locals will be your host during your city break in Hong Kong.


If you have plans to visit the city with a big group of business partners and colleagues you should book a large apartment with several bedrooms. But if you are coming alone for a conference or just for a getaway, you should consider private rooms in Hong Kong, which are the more affordable type.

However, if one wishes to stay in luxury and privacy during weekend or a city break, then our site can provide well-furnished apartments with spacious rooms that will give you the same level of comfort that one gets in houses.


All rentals in the city are very well-situated. Also, the transport in Hong Kong is great, so you’ll be able to reach any point in the city from your short stay place without problems. All places are well connected with some or the other means of transport.


Great location, 2 bedrooms apartment in Hong Kong; from $98 per night!

Great location, 2 bedrooms apartment in Hong Kong; from $98 per night!


All short stays on this page are listed by property owners. Flats are equipped with all things you may need during a short period of time you’ll spend in this wonderful city. In your condo you will have wireless internet, a kitchen, TV and many other things you need.

You can also bring your pet with you if you book one of our holiday houses. Isn’t it great to have your dog or a cat with you while you travel? We know that pet owners do not like to be separated from their pets even just for a few days. This is another great reason to check out our list of apartments for rent in Hong Kong and to find your ideal place to stay!



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Hong Kong

Rainy day in Hong Kong


Hong Kong, China is the ideal escape for a holiday time. Tourists will definitely be entertained as there are plenty of things to see and do here. At present, there are a lot of outstanding travel attractions for people to take pleasure in and visit in Hong Kong.


One of the most popular travel attractions is the Disneyland, which opened a few years ago and draws millions of travelers from the different parts of the world.

Instead of planning a short stay, try to take out some extra days when planning a holiday trip to Hong Kong as you won’t disappointed or get bored at this amazing place. Victoria peak, Ocean Park and Wong Tai Sin temple are some of the best attractions of Hong Kong.



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