Short Stay Accommodation in Hungary

The purpose of this page is to give you useful information on short stay apartments in Hungary. Beside information on accommodation you’ll find some useful information about the country itself.



Short Term Rentals in Hungary


Apartments in Hungary

Apartment to rent in Hungary. From 35 EUR per day.


With so much to experience in this amazing place on earth, a short stay here is very much justified. The city boasts of one of the best holiday accommodation facilities in the form of villas and apartments. Self-catering houses are comfortable and fully furnished, hence one would never feel away from home. Moreover, the affordable housing can be accessed from a number of places. So your choice of vacation rentals would only complement your visit to Hungary.

Hungary is considered as one of the most beautiful countries of Europe with multiple attractions for its visitors in different forms. Getting a place to stay or booking a hotel is extremely difficult. The solution is staying with a private host who charges less, but provides you with a fairly good holiday apartment. This page accumulates all the listed short term rentals in Hungary in one place and offers them to you to rent.

As there are various ways you can enjoy Hungary, there are various accommodation types to lease. Take a look at some flats to rent in Hungary which are the most basic type of a short stay here. Equally comfortable and useful, they will provide you with everything needed for your stay. Equally effective are the shared rentals and private rooms, with the only catch of sharing your let.


For extra room and longer stays, there are various kinds of rentals available to rent in Hungary. The serviced apartments are also very useful for honeymooners or other romantic couples, but some bigger ones can house a small group of visitors. As the popularity of family visits is very popular in Hungary, so is the demand for larger housings.

There are whole housings to rent or holiday homes and larger groups have made it a custom to rent these kind of places. Take a look at the offered list of vacation rentals in Hungary which have these characteristics and you will notice that all of them have a kitchen, more bedrooms, laundry room and some of them even a swimming pool.

As you will no doubt discern, the more popular places are in the central part of the biggest Hungarian cites, but if the purpose of your visit is rest, you may browse for those situated in smaller towns or on the outskirts and serene areas of the cities of Hungary.



Learn More About Hungary


The country Hungary is known for the hospitality that is offered to its tourists. This place is a great mix of diverse history along with the contemporary additions that make up what the modern Hungary is all about. Though they are known to stick to their Magyar tradition orthodoxy, they are very much in to the current trends and fashions of the modern world.

Many of the visitors who visit this amazing place visit Budapest, which is a world class city. The city is known for its exquisite love for music and art. The city can be a great amalgamation of beauty and culture making it the best and right place for tourists.


View of Budapest, Hungary

View of Budapest, Hungary


The bed and breakfast offered in your short term rentals is a different experience. The room is pretty spacious at an affordable price. This is the best place that should be chosen for rent owing to the facilities that come with it. So visit our site and make the best use of our online booking service.