Looking For a Place To Stay in Iceland?

The purpose of this page is to help anyone who would like to visit Iceland to find apartment for short stay and have a great travel experience.



Short Term Accommodation in Iceland


The hospitality in Iceland and its capital Reykjavik can be experienced on a whole new level especially if you are planning a short stay here. Self-catering accommodation in Iceland can be affordable irrespective of the place you are coming from. A virtual tour of our website would bring you to the diverse range of holiday apartments and villas for people with fine tastes.

Vacation houses are fully furnished with a kitchen and bed and breakfast. Medical amenities and places like parks can be found in the vicinity of our vacation rentals. Cheap housing for rent especially on the popular tourists destinations are available. Our online booking services are always open so book your room right now.


Iceland is the land of wonders and natural beauties. An island country with some of the more unique landmarks and exponential characteristics. A land which mixes fire and ice, with the mixture of glaciers situated in the middle with inactive volcanic domes. The best way of experiencing all of these is by renting a short term property on this page.

By using our online booking service you will no doubt earn a sage way of acquiring a temporary home for your short stay in Iceland. As there are not much hotels which offer great services on this island, the best way is to stay with private hosts and enjoy the accommodatio. You can rent an apartment in Iceland or stay in a private room with a local family.

The former option is better for couples while the latter is the cheapest available and the hosts respect your privacy by offering you’re your own room to sleep in. The largest concentration of temporary housing is found in the central areas of the biggest towns in Iceland, but there are options of finding temporary housing in some of the smaller towns and you can use them to enjoy an adventure of visiting and seeing one of Iceland’s glaciers.


Apartment in Iceland

Holiday apartment to let in Iceland. From 80 EUR per day.


Find a nice and warm holiday home in Iceland which the whole family can enjoy. This country is also a very nice place that families can visit and by renting a whole home for you and your loved ones, this is certainly the way to go. If you are concerned about the quality of these places, don’t be.

The hosts strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible and include various additional amenities for your stay. Entertainments system and comfortable inclusions will help you enjoy your vacation better and help you relax. The prime concern of the host is you comfort and they really do so superbly and will even help you explore the city a bit further as well.


Blue Lagoon Near Keflavik, Iceland

Blue Lagoon Near Keflavik, Iceland


Learn More About Iceland


Iceland is a land that is promising for its sightseeing and alluring tours that are fascinating for all tourists who get a chance to visit this place. The ambience and the aura here stand unparalleled. Its popularity stems from its attractions that reach its pinnacle from June to August of every year.

Hence, this is the time of the year that tourists are able to witness the spectacular landscape. The tourists attraction from September onward although thin in terms of activity, the place still accommodates visitors to a large degree.





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