Short Stay Apartments in Inner Sunset

Welcome to this page which serves to help you find short term rentals in Inner Sunset, San Francisco, USA for your vacation. What sets private accommodation apart from hotels and makes it more popular is the lack of complicated and unnecessary rules and regulations, so more and more people every day decide to take this opportunity.

All of the offered private temporary rentals are owned by friendly local people who will be happy to help you with any questions you might have and information you might need during your stay in this area.


Inner Sunset apartment

Entire apartment to let in Inner Sunset. From $125 per night.


There are almost one hundred available short stay rentals in Inner Sunset, San Francisco so we’re confident that you will easily find one that will be perfect for your vacation and in tune with your idea of perfect holidays. Instead of searching through tons of websites you can save up your precious time and find all the furnished rentals right here on this page.

A recommendation for those who plan on visiting this area on their own is to book a private room in Inner Sunset, San Francisco as it will give them the good level of comfort and autonomy at an affordable price. Those who have decided to visit this area with a larger group of friends or with a large family would do well to rent an entire furnished house in Inner Sunset, San Francisco.

They will be able to experience everything this part of San Francisco offers while enjoying the highest level of comfort and liberty and ample space for each and every person in the group. At the same time, feel like at home away from home. Amenities available depend on the precise rental you choose, but they are a valuable addition and make the vacation an even more comfortable experience. Some of them are free parking on premises, cable TV, self-catering and many more.


Inner Sunset private room

Private room in Inner Sunset to rent. From $85 per night.


About Inner Sunset


A corner of the Sunset District of San Francisco located at the north easternmost part of it. The general center is made up of the commercial district and in this part you can also find the historic St. Anne of the Sunset Catholic church which stands for more than one hundred years as well as some beautiful buildings of historical value.


Inner Sunset

Inner Sunset, San Francisco



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