Flats To Rent In Islington

Welcome to the page about private accommodation in Islington, London. Here you will find a wide selection of modern furnished flats available for rent at reasonable prices. Check the list of short term rentals in Islington and choose the one you like and book today through this page.


Islington Short Term Rental

Short term rental in Islington, London – from 193 per day!


Flats for rent in Islington


Short stay flats in Islington are well furnished with all amenities of luxury and comfort. These holiday flats meet every requirement of a pleasant holiday. This website gives useful information about the availability of private flats, spacious houses and ultra convenient apartments. Short Term Renting is a user-friendly web portal where one can find the best rentals in Islington in London city. When one travels to a foreign land for city break or official tour, a comfortable stay really matters and Islington is a good place to stay during vacations.


Islington Furnished Flat To Let

A furnished flat available to rent in Islington – from 161 EUR per night!


Amenities and Prices of Accommodation in Islington


Private accommodation is the ideal solution for your stay in Islington. They offer more space and most of them have separate bedrooms and living area where you can relax. Private flats in Islington are self catering so you can cook your own meals, which allow you to save money on food. There is a fully fitted kitchen with modern appliances and kitchen utensils so you can prepare meals whenever you like. Bathrooms are compete, containing a shower, bathtub, clean towels, hair dryer.


The price rates of short stay apartments in Islington vary and goes from 76 to 764 EUR per night. It depends on how many bedrooms, the location and quality of the property. So, if you are coming with a larger group you can rent a 6 bedroom house for 581 EUR per day. It can accommodate up to 15 people, has a garden with a parking space for your car and it is really close to the centre of London.


Islington Private Flat To Rent

Private flat to rent, up to 5 people, in Islington – from 154 EUR daily!


More About Islington


Islington is an integral part of London city. It forms the central district of London Borough of Islington. It is a stylish and desirable place in the city of London and covers the area lying around the Upper Street. Islington is also connected to other areas of London city like St Mary, St Peter and Canonbury. All these areas were developed in the UK during Georgian Era.

High street is the main central part of Islington, London. It was a village during the medieval century. Islington is the place where one can find the best provisions of stay. Short stay apartments and luxury apartments are readily available at Islington at reasonable prices.


Islington, London

Islington, London



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