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The purpose of this page is to inform you about short term rentals in Istanbul. There are hundreds of property owners that are looking to rent out their private rooms and apartments for a few days or weeks to travelers. Check out the offer and book your temporary accommodation.


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Short Term Rentals in Istanbul


As the only city in the world which is situated on two continents, Istanbul is a unique place which has a special blend of Europe and Asia. The atmosphere is something that really has to be experienced, and the best way to do so is not by staying in a hotel, but rather staying with a private landlord. The page offers you the chance to get in touch with the owners of the short term apartments in Istanbul and information about how to rent them. Many of the listed holiday apartments in Istanbul are located within easy access to the main tourist attractions, so you can fully enjoy exploring Istanbul’s heritages. If you prefer the silence and isolation from the hustle of the city on your vacation, we offer discreet short-stay studios and apartments for couples or large groups, up-to four bedroom, flats for families in a quiet neighborhood.


Holiday homes can be centrally located or on the outskirts of the city. The short stays which are near the city center allow you to experience the Turkish culture and the charm which surrounds Istanbul. On the other hand, if you pick a cheaper option and want to stay in a more secluded part of Istanbul or in the neighborhoods which are a bit far away, you can easily get informed by your landlord about the closest and the easiest ways on how to find and use public transportation. For your enjoyable stay in Istanbul, Turkey choose one of self-catering flats in Istanbul from our hand-picked selection. All of our private rentals offer comfortable urban living at lower price opposed to staying in a hotel. In addition, all of them come fully furnished with all the conveniences you would expect from a modern condo. Istanbul is also known for its shopping opportunities and if that happens to be the purpose of your visit, try renting some bed and breakfast guesthouses near some of the most popular shopping districts.


Istanbul rentals

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Prices of Rentals


The biggest advantage of renting short stay rentals is its low cost. For example, for up to 50 euros you can find a flat for one or even two people. A serviced apartment is available for up to 100 euros in Turkey and comes with modern amenities. Places to stay which will house a larger number of people could be found for a price between 150 to 250 euros a night. Still it is a bargain if you divide the cost between the people in your group. There is also a holiday home which houses up to seven people and has a furnished kitchen that you can check out.



Neighborhoods of Istanbul


There are a number of interesting areas and neighborhoods in Istanbul that you can check out. For example, Sultanahmet is situated in the European side and represents the old city of Istanbul. It has some wonderful flats where you can stay. If you are a more urban and modern type of person, then the Taksim neighborhood is the place for you. It features some modern late rooms with Wi Fi Internet and wide screen TVs. The Beyoglu area has the same modern features as well and a lot of private accommodations spread across it.



About The City


Istanbul is the fifth-largest city in the world by urban population, the largest city in Turkey and a historical, cultural and economic center of this country. It is also a transcontinental city encompassing two sides of Bosphorus between the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara, with one third of its population living on the Asian side and its European part being a historical and commercial centre of the city.


Istanbul, Turkey



With many civilizations possessing control of this city during the course of history, starting out as an Ancient Greek colony, being a capital of Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Latin Empire and afterwards falling in hands of Ottomans in 1453.



Short Term Rentals through this Page


Last 2010, Istanbul was celebrated as European Capital of Culture; firmly occupying its place as a bridge between several continents. Istanbul is also a thriving metropolis, not to mention that it is among the largest cities in the entire world that promotes significant business travel. But most of all, it is the city’s outstanding architecture and highly praised reputation for extreme hospitality and friendliness that bring a large number of tourists to the place. Interestingly, it is really fun to get lost for a while in Istanbul; after all, there can be a no better way out than to find your back home to a convenient and comfortable short term rental apartment from the list provided through this page.


You will be offered with a variety of competitive lodging alternatives to choose from when you happen to visit the city of Istanbul. When you do, any of these alternatives will guarantee one of the greatest stays you will ever have. For the duration of your stay, you will have something to call “home”- experiencing the same level of convenience and comfort of your own home. Through these options, guests get to fulfill their diverse travel and accommodation needs, which include having the best facilities and amenities, resulting in the most pleasant vacation. Whatever reason you have for visiting this beautiful city, rest assured that you will always be at home.



If you are looking for short term rentals in Istanbul, find a property here that  matches your needs. If you are interested in the availability of a particular short let in Istanbul click it below or have a look at all our listings by clicking the “More Property Listings” button.