Short Stays in Jersey City, NJ

The goal of this page is to show you hundreds of short term rentals in Jersey City, NJ. Take look on the list of apartments and choose your place for short stay.


Luxury apartment in Jersey City, NJ; from $159 per night!

Luxury apartment in Jersey City, NJ; from $159 per night!


Apartment Rentals in Jersey City


As it is becoming a popular destination for visitors, the Jersey City now lists more than a hundred possible short term stay opportunities. The selection is very wide and there is an array of different and very beautiful apartment rentals which can serve for short term or long term visits and business trips equally.

There are some very popular private rooms in Jersey City and flats which are close to New York City and some are in the near vicinity of the station. Of course you can also find a temporary accommodation in Jersey City which are near the airport and can be great for when you arrive and get settled quickly. Very interesting and popular are the condos which are situated near the Hudson River, and besides being greatly arranged, offer you a great view of the surrounding area and the river.


The majority of short term leases are owned by owners who are themselves residents of Jersey City. They offer their property for a few days or weeks, but in some cases for longer uses, to both domestic and foreign travelers. You will never ever have to pay outrageous prices offered like in hotels, when you can pay around 30 to 50 euros for a flat in Jersey. Some luxurious apartment rentals may come a little bit pricier but are still very affordable.

For instance a place which has two bedrooms and can house a larger group of people costs between 40 to 100 euros a night. The more luxurious stays like penthouses or villas can go from 100 euros and higher.

In order to make your temporary home more appealing and likable, the owners furnish them with new furniture and amenities like an internet connection, fully stocked kitchen, private parking and many more. Some will even include breakfast services to go along with the price.


Jersey City apartment to rent

Apartment in Jersey City with amazing views to rent. From €146 per day.


A great vacation is never complete without a good lodging facility. Vacation rentals in Jersey City, NJ, are much cheaper, provide more privacy and they are more comfortable compare to hotel rooms. There are different types of short term leases, from spacious houses, self-catering apartments, villas available for rent, furnished in a way to provide you pleasurable stay to shared or private rooms.

Regardless if you are coming alone, as a couple or with a large group of friends, short lets in Jersey City will be the best solution for your city break. You can also take the services like the bed and breakfast for yourself, which will give you the best value of your money and the chance to taste of the best cuisines in town.

Nightly and weekly studios are available to lease is an option suitable to the frequent travelers to Jersey City, as it won’t cost much. Private condos are the best accommodation in their class; and if you consider the price as one of the prime qualities for your stay, then they are the leading ones.


Jersey City Apartment

Rent an apartment in Jersey City, NJ – from $79 per night!


What To Visit While in Jersey City


With a great skyline, the tallest among them being the Goldman-Sachs, Jersey City is the second largest city or metropolitan of New Jersey, in northeastern USA, and is a few miles away from the city of New York.

The best places to visit in this city include the H&M Powerhouse, The City Hall, Paulus Hook, and Liberty Science Center. You can spend your evening walking around the Hudson River waterfront or by taking a ferry to the Statue of Liberty.


View of Jersey City, NJ

View of Jersey City, NJ




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