Short Term Apartments in Kampala

This page is where you can find useful information about of short term rentals in Kampala, Uganda. Take a look at the vast selection of private accommodation in the city. Browse apartments photos, compare prices, and choose the best one for you.


Kampala House

House for rent in Kampala, Uganda- from $30 per night!


Apartment Rental in Kampala


Temporary housings in Kampala are an all new and cheaper way of staying in the capital city of Uganda. The way to lease studios in Kampala properly and more easily is by using this page. Here everything is provided and set for you- the prices and thorough info about the apartment rentals and ways how to lease them.

The primary characteristic is that the short lets in Kampala are owned by the local people. Private landlords offer accommodation in all shapes and sizes to wandering tourists and visitors both domestic and foreign. This way, visitors get a much affordable price and do not have to pay much higher prices in hotels.


Kampala offers renting opportunities like private rooms or flats. This is the most common short let type and is often used by single travelers who are here during the weekend or for shorter periods. They can be shared or private, depending on which ones are available or which ones suits you the most.

Besides this, one can find serviced apartments in Kampala and guesthouses as well. These are often meant of smaller groups or couples. Spouses get to enjoy a romantic weekend together and smaller groups of friends have unforgettable fun and excitement. There is also a private accommodation option for larger groups and families. Family holiday rentals in Kampala will give you all the comforts of a greatly furnished home.

You can find these vacation rentals listed as suitable for families and child-friendly. This way you won’t have to worry about your children and will also have a safe environment for them. All in all Kampala, Uganda offers you a chance to choose among more than a hundred late rooms and holiday homes for a very affordable price which ranges from 10 to 80 euros a night per rental.


Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda


Another Accommodation Info


Kampala is a popular city of Africa and the capital of Uganda. The city is best known for its amazing weather and safe atmosphere and the people in the city are way too friendly than many other parts of Africa. If you are coming here, you can be assured about your stay as there are plenty of condos and private rooms to choose from.

For those traveling on a budget hey can rent a late room along the Kampala Road. There are self-catering accommodation options in varied parts of the city along with regular options of apartment rentals, holiday houses, and villas. Take a look at the options of serviced apartments and guesthouses that are available along the Ssezibwa Road and Kololo region.

High-end hotels and luxury studios can be found along the Ternan Avenue with options of all kinds of facilities. For those who are coming in groups, they can check flats with two, three or more bedrooms. If you are on weekend break check out the bed and breakfast apartment that are easy on the pocket and can be found in many corners of Kampala.


Kampala Room

Available room for rent in Kampala – from $15 per night!


Things To Do in Kampala


There are plenty of things to do in Kampala and one can check the attractions like Nommo art gallery, Gaddafi National Mosque, and Kasubi tombs. Many people love to take part in rafting and bungee jumping. There are also a number of small adventure activities that one can try. A tour to the Mburo National Park can be a good idea to check a few wild animals, while Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is another attraction that can be checked on a visit here.



About Kampala


Kampala is the capital city and the largest city of the country of Uganda. The city is arranged in the manner so it is divided into five boroughs, the  Lubaga Division, Makindye Division, Kawempe Division,  Nakawa Division and the  Kampala Central Division.  According to the last census conducted in 2011, the city counts 1,659,600 inhabitants, which also makes this city the highly and most densely populated area in the country.


This city features some prominent landmarks and buildings which are both important for the country and the continent of Africa. The Makerere University is situated here, which is one of the most prominent institutes of higher learning in  Eastern and Central Africa. The East African Development Bank has erected its headquarters here also, and the Uganda Local Governments Association is also located here, more precisely on Entebbe Road in the city.

Other important landmarks here are the  Kasubi Hill, a historical place where the Kasubi Tombs are situated,  the Mengo Hill where the Headquarters of the Buganda Court of Justice is situated,  thr Namirembe Hill which is the place of the Namirembe Anglican Cathedral, and  Lubaga Hill the home of the Rubaga Catholic Cathedral.



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