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This page is a great place to find short term rentals in Kigali, Rwanda. The page allows easy access to information when it comes to renting the listed short stays in the city. Everything you need and more could be found here, with a little bit extra of giving you some basic information of where best to find the housings.


Kigali apartment

Lease this apartment in Kigali. From €42 per night.


Some Information About Accommodations in Kigali


Kigali in Rwanda is a city which has been recently getting some hype in terms of visitors and tourists. Many people coming here resulted in many greater needs for places to stay in Kigali for a few days. The hotels, which have for many years been a primary option, have started to become too expensive so the best answer is to book a private accommodation.

The characteristic of these self-catering apartments is that they are all privately owned by people from Kigali. They have good pricing as well as comfort and are there for your services. The private owners of properties from Kigali offer a dozen of rental opportunities here with private rooms being the most cheaper and most used accommodation.

They can be shared or rented privately, depending on the deal and are quite comfortable and wonderfully furnished as well.


If you need some comfort and are not willing to share your rental, there are condos for rent and serviced apartments available. Flats in Kigali can be used for people who are visiting alone while apartment rentals are more situated for couples or smaller groups.

There are some with two bedrooms which can house four people at once. Other offered temporary accommodations in Kigali include entire homes for rent. There are ones which are meant for larger groups of people and ones which serve for smaller groups as well. But the best ones are vacation rentals which are listed as being family friendly.

They provide great rest for the whole family with enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and have fun. Holiday homes situated in Kigali can offer you a location away from all the hype of the city in a totally clean and natural environment as well as some luxurious villas which come with pools, hot tubs and much more.


Kigali private room

Kigali – private room to let. From €25 per day.


Location of Available Apartments


The most interesting and yet most popular locations where you can find places to stay in Kigali include the central area of the city or the neighborhood called St Famille. Places where you can find a studio for rent are near the Rwanda Revenue Authority or near the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources.

Serviced apartments can also be found near the US Embassy as well. Neighborhoods of Muhima and Amahoro are also very lively and popular while private homes found in Katabaro and Kabeza include places which offer soothing atmosphere.





Kigali bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast in Kigali. From 64 EUR per night.


Being that these are the most cheapest laterooms found on the market, the price range is completely affordable. The price is between 20 euros and 80 euros a night. Renting a flat cost some 20 or 35 euros per day, while studios are priced some 40 to 50 euros a night. The most expensive short lets in Kigali cost some 80 euros, which are actually whole houses to rent and are still quite affordable.