Private Accommodation For Rent in Langkawi

The page you are visiting contains short term rentals in Langkawi, Malaysia which are both appropriate and cheap. The page will help you find vacation rentals which are great for you and makes it a purpose to help people and shorten the period of search through this page.

You will also be thoroughly informed about the pace of your visit and the surroundings, so you get a general idea about the place you are visiting. Browse through the list of apartments and villas listed by owners and book your temporary house in Langkawi.



Short Stay Apartments in Langkawi


Langkawi Hut - ten steps to the ocean. From only $32 per night.

Langkawi Hut – ten steps to the ocean. From only $32 per night.


By using this page you will be able to find cheap, greatly located and appropriate short stay apartments in Langkawi. The holiday homes come very cheap around here. They are listed on this website by the owners who are from this city and have spent most of their lives here. They strive to help tourists and visitors by providing comfortable private accommodations and additional services as well.

Besides offering you breakfast or a parking space, they will go to such lengths as being your private tour guide during the time of your stay. Location is also important when choosing a short let. In Langkawi, Malaysia there are flats and holiday apartments situated in the central areas or private housings on the outskirts of populated areas.

Langkawi also offers some unique temporary accommodations like paddy houses and gate houses. They are located in complete natural surroundings, great for nature lovers or people who want a unique experience of Malaysia.


On the other hand, there are always modern apartment rentals which are furnished quite nicely and are located in urban areas. The comfort is guaranteed by the amenities that the serviced apartments are equipped with. You can choose condos which are appropriate for your type of stay and may base your search on the number that a certain let provides or the amenities it offers.

We advise you to look at some entire houses to lease if you are with a group of people or your family as these houses are in most cases child friendly, or go for a flat or a serviced apartment if you are coming alone or in a pair. Each studio you can find on this website can be rented daily or weekly. Take a look on the photos of our self catering villas in Langkawi, compare prices and choose a place that suits your budget and needs!


Langkawi apartment

Langkawi, apartment for rent. From $115 per night.


Langkawi Info


Langkawi is an archipelago situated some 30 km off the coast of Malaysia and consists of 104 islands in total. The largest of the islands is Pulau Langkawi with a population of 64,792. The only other inhabited island is Pulau Tuba. It belongs to the state of Kedah, of which it is a part of.

The main attraction which Langkawi offers are its geoparks. It was given a World Geopark status by UNESCO in 2001 and has the Machincang Cambrian Geoforest Park, the Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest parka and the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park as its main attractions.


The Sand Spit Beach is also something which the tourists and it is situated on the Langun Island, where you can find the Pregnant Maiden Lake. Other popular beaches include Burau Bay, Pantai Cenang, Datai Bay and Pantai Tengah.

Many tourists also like visiting the restaurants and the bars which are situated on the beaches. There is also an organized tour with the Langkawi Cable Car which takes visitors to Gunung Mat Chinchang and there you will have the chance of seeing the the Langkawi Sky Bridge