Private Flats To Let in Liverpool

This page contains a list of hundreds of short term rentals in Liverpool, UK. Here you can find and book your private accommodation in the city and you can read the most important information about Liverpool.


Fully furnished apartment to let in Liverpool- From 35 EUR per night!

Fully furnished apartment to let in Liverpool – From 35 EUR per night!


Short Term Accommodation in Liverpool


A visit to the United Kingdom won’t be complete without visiting a city like Liverpool. Widely popular among foreign and domestic visitors, the famous port city is popular for many reasons, making it one of the most visited destinations. But to feel comfortable staying here, try leasing some of the accommodation rentals owned by private hosts which are listed on this page.

Using this page will inform you about the short lets in Liverpool. There are around two hundred temporary rentals on this page, which means two hundred potential places that you can choose from to stay in for a few days or any other short period of time. There are also various flats to let in Liverpool and serviced apartments, which can be equally useful.


Rent a Comfy Double Room in Liverpool - From 34 EUR per day!

Rent a Comfy Double Room in Liverpool – From 34 EUR per day!


On the other hand, if you are a family man who likes to travel with his loved ones, beautiful family homes or temporary housings can be found in Liverpool. Domestic visitors like to come here for weekend breaks, so an appropriate place to stay would be a serviced apartment withmore beds to sleep in for a larger group and suitable facilities.

Foreign visitors on the other hand, come to Liverpool for holidays or to see the attractions. People from a different country need not worry because the landlords are more than capable of accommodating foreign tourists and will help them settle in their new surrounding. They will also serve as a tour guide, until you get to know the area better.


Moreover, temporary apartments are fully furnished. You can enjoy a WiFi internet connection, a TV and other amenities in your flat. Self catering rentals in Liverpool with fully furnished kitchens and holiday condos with private parking or bed and breakfast services are waiting for you!


Apartment To Let in Liverpool

Apartment To Let in Liverpool, available from 34 EUR per night.


Location of Private Flats


A city which has many landmarks and attractions like Liverpool also has various useful destinations for stay. Whatever the purpose of your stay might be, you will certainly find a useful short let located in your desired area. The central part of Liverpool is its main hub for the private rentals. There are a lot of multipurpose flats available there.

The harbor area or its nearest vicinity can also provide its visitors with some fine holiday homes for the whole family to enjoy. Look for vacation rentals on Castle Street or a fully functioning and modern studio on Dale Street. For the ones who do not want to spare any expenses on a holiday to Liverpool, a variety of villas are located in Old Hall Street.



Liverpool, UK – panorama


Price Range


This is truly the best offer that you can find when considering accommodation opportunities in Liverpool, UK. The hotels are too expensive while some other types of stay may prove to be unreliable. On this page, you can rent a simple flat for around 30 euros, while serviced apartments are at 60 euros.

These apartments or studios are meant for the use of more people and priced between 100 and 150 euros, while larger holiday homes are at 200 euros. The whole houses to rent with a wider array of amenities are priced at 250 euros. For the purpose of a luxury vacation rental you will have to spend some 300 euros.



Liverpool’s Attractions


Liverpool is the fourth main metropolis of UK. The influence of River Mersey makes the city calm and wonderful. The night vision of the river coast will  make you stop thinking about the world for a while. The beautiful place also has its individual folk harmony, which is globally admired. You can take pleasure in its music with abundance of other activities and wines.


The metropolis is quite popular for its wealthy artistic tradition and incredible structural design. The Albert dock, Walkers art gallery, World museum Liverpool, Williamson tunnels heritage centre, the Beatles story and many other are the popular tourist attractions that make this place completely unique and spectacular.

Take a ride with Yellow Duckmarine or Hop-on Hop-off Tour so you get to know the city better. The Anglican Cathedral, the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral, the University of Liverpool’s Victoria Building are just some of the incredible pieces of architecture present here. The city is also the home of one of the most famous football clubs in Britain, the Liverpool F.C.


Albert Dock, Liverpool

Albert Dock, Liverpool




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