Short Term Apartments in Los Angeles, CA

The goal of this page is to provide you with short term rentals in Los Angeles, CA. Many local owners listed their apartments and rooms with us and they are available to travelers. Just take a look on the list of private accommodation in Los Angeles and choose your place to stay!


Cute Cozy Venice Cottage in Los Angeles, CA; from $75 per night!

Cute Cozy Venice Cottage in Los Angeles, CA; from $75 per night!


Apartments to Rent in Los Angeles


It is fairly easy to find a place to stay in Los Angeles through this page. There are hundreds of listed short term accommodation in Los Angeles and available condos. You can find a temporary housing in a matter of minutes, all depending on what your objectives for the trip are. If you want to stay a few days in the central part of the city which will insert you in the busy life of LA, you can easily browse for a flat or a small apartment.

This is usually offered to single travelers or for people who are on a business trip and need to be close to the action in Los Angeles. On the other hand, there are some quality beach resorts here. Temporary homes with a great view or studios in Los Angeles with your own private part of the beach are available.


These are usually meant for larger groups of people, or groups of friends but can also be suitable for families and family vacations. Private owners of these apartments for rent in Los Angeles usually stack their guesthouses as much as possible to make the stay of visitors comfortable.

Beautiful amenities in each late room are meant to make your stay here more enjoyable and help you have a better holiday. Since this is Los Angeles, and promises a lot of fun in the sun, there are a lot of vacation rentals which are close to the beach or which have been equipped with a swimming pool by the owner.

That is why not just luxurious accommodations in Los Angeles, like short stay villas, are equipped with a pool, but also those smaller and cheaper ones will come with the luxury of having your own private but small swimming pool and in some cases, a jacuzzi or a hot tub.

On this page you can also find holiday rentals in Los Angeles which come with bed and breakfast services, which are guaranteed to have an awesome kitchen.


Los Angeles apartment to rent

Los Angeles apartment to rent. Available from €95 per day.


Make your city break in LA much better than ever and book one of private accommodations at affordable prices. If you planning to visit Los Angeles, CA, with your family the best option would be renting self-catering house that provide its guests all home amenities needed to feel comfortable.

You may already know that the cost of hotels and other traditional tourist lodgings in Los Angeles could burn a hole in your pocket. Short lets listed by owners can give you the best city break, with the cheap but beautifully furnished apartments with the terrace where you can enjoy the view or you can lease private room, along with the bed and breakfast services.

The excellent position of flats available to rent are one of the main reasons behind their popularity. Unlike hotels, you can have a touch of nature when staying in these short stays in Los Angeles.


Apartment in LA

Apartment in Los Angeles for rent – from $43 per night


Prices of Short Term Apartments in Los Angeles


Price range of rental apartments in Los Angeles is pretty wide. For 66 EUR per day you can book a studio in the center of the city. These apartments comes with one bedroom and one bathroom.

If you want to spend more on your accommodation in Los Angeles there are charming apartments with 3 bedrooms and balcony. This place can be leased for 190 EUR daily. Most expensive and most luxurious rentals in Los Angeles 850 EUR to 2600 EUR per night.

These villas have pools and other amenities you can expect in a luxurious home in LA. For more details on prices of accommodation in LA take a look on the list.


Los Angeles short term rental with a pool

One of short term rentals with a pool in LA. Available from 860 EUR per day.



About Los Angeles


The city of Los Angeles has everything in it which is necessary to make it a perfect holiday destination. It has a long beach on Pacific Ocean, mountain ranges, deserts, valleys and one of the broadest basins in the Southern California.

LA is also the cultural center as well as an economic hub. The popularity of the city is for the media and motion picture and recording studios situated in the city. This has also made the city one of the most culturally diverse cities of the country.


Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA




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