Vacation Rentals in Lower Haight, SF

Welcome to this page which we designed to help you with finding short term rentals in Lower Haight, San Francisco, USA and to provide you with some essential info about the area. What separates private accommodation from the hotels is that there aren’t any complicated rules and regulations and that is one of the reasons that make them increasingly popular.

One more thing that adds to their popularity is that they are owned by friendly locals who are happy to help their guests with any questions or information they might need during their stay.


Lower Haight Penthouse

Luxury penthouse to rent in Lower Haight, San Francisco. From $325 per night.


There are almost two hundred short stay apartments in Lower Haight, San Francisco so we’re confident that you will be able to find a perfect furnished temporary housing in this area for your vacation. Renting a private room Lower Haight, San Francisco is the best option for those who plan on visiting this area on their own because it will provide them with good level of comfort at an affordable price.

On the other hand, people who are planning to visit this location as a part of a larger group or with their large family should definitely consider renting an entire multiple bedroom flat in Lower Haight which is a spacious option with a great level of comfort and autonomy.

Another perk of private accommodation is the existence of amenities, and the exact amenities you can count on depend on the exact apartment you choose. Some of them are cable TV, kid-friendly premises, free parking on premises and many more.


Lower Haight private room

Lower Haight, private room to rent. Available from $99 per night.


Most Important Info About Lower Haight


As sometimes called Haight-Fillmore, Lower Haight, San Francisco has a mixture of cafes, restaurants, small nightclubs, galleries and residences lining the neighborhood. The houses in this area are mostly built in Edwardian and Victorian architectural style, though they are less decorated and maintained in this area which makes the rents lower than in Haight-Ashbury area.


Lower Haight

Lower Haight, San Francisco