Apartments For Rent in Luxembourg

As the country of Luxembourg brings you its impeccable pieces of natural beauty, variety of entertainment options and a number of landmarks dating back from different periods, so has the tourist industry expanded here and the number of people visiting the country has greatly increased.



Private Apartments in Luxembourg


But where to put all of these people? Hotels do not offer as nearly as good service as should be expected while other ways have become too expensive. The answer to this is renting a short term rental in Luxembourg. These housings are privately owned and will not give you any trouble by booking them.

There are hundreds of different types listed here for you to choose from. Make a choice of leasing a flat or an apartment accommodation in Luxembourg. All of the listed temporary housings are very nicely furnished and be very useful for any type of your stay.


Short Term Rentals in Luxembourg

Short Term Rentals in Luxembourg. Available from 70 Eur per day.


Try to spend a sightseeing tour by renting a wonderful studio or enjoy a relaxing stay with your family by booking a serviced apartment. There are holiday homes for rent in Luxembourg which can accommodate larger groups. They include multiple bedrooms, greatly furnished kitchens with several useful appliances and even a private parking space for your private vehicle.

Don’t worry about food and your meals because there are bed and breakfast services and self-catering accommodation. The former providing you with a meal prepared and served to you by your host, and the later by allowing you to bring and cook any type of food your like. These places are often situated near markets where groceries can be bought at an affordable price.

Take a look at the list of our luxury villas as well. Provided at a low cost for the standard of these kind of places, the luxury holiday rentals are perhaps the best leases in our offer.



Learn More About Luxembourg


Luxembourg is a fascinating place with lush green landscapes and hills. The city boasts picturesque greenery and historic sites that are an amalgamation of contemporary and old culture. The architectural sites are a treat to the eyes and give the feel of the modern day cities.

Anyone who is planning a short trip to Luxembourg, should keep the weather in consideration. The climate, overall, is moderate making it a perfect place to visit at any time of the year. The region is said to have heavy downpours, hence, don’t forget to carry an umbrella whenever you venture out to explore.


Going to Luxembourg is comparable to a visit in a magical land. The city has a feel like it’s been built for people to enjoy. It has valleys and rivers with charming little houses along the banks, churches and castles, grand government buildings and palaces that dominate its historical structure. Even its busiest streets have pleasant mixes of offices, recreation and shopping.

When it comes to history, Luxembourg has survived the European conquest, mainly because of all its fortifications. In fact, it is considered to be among the best examples of the military architecture. The location is well- protected for those who plan to walk the hills up and down. The ravines and steep cliffs that snake through the city are in a very strategic position, too.




Short Term Lodging in Luxembourg


In order to have the full gist of the amazing weather here you need to have a good accommodation in the suburbs. Our site have a variety of self-catering apartments and villas that have been designed for the comfort of the visitors. The vacation rentals are located in places that can be reached from a number of routes thus a large number of tourists can access it for short stays.

The bed and breakfast experience would be of unique nature where the comfort of the room is the prime consideration. These short term rentals in Luxembourg are the best thing due to their affordable cost. So make your advanced booking now with the help of our online booking. The holiday houses are fully furnished with spacious kitchens and bathrooms.




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