Short Stay Accommodation in Macedonia

People are not that well acquainted with the tourist potential of Macedonia and are not familiar enough with everything it has to offer. As a country which enjoys the popularity of having immense natural beauties and historical treasures, Macedonia and it’s capital city Skopje certainly deserves a place among the more interesting countries for visiting in the region.

As there are not that many quality places to stay here while visiting, the page offers a solution to help you see everything in this country. Short term rentals in Macedonia are a safe and reliable way for you to spend a vacation or any type of stay there.



Short Term Rentals in Macedonia


The private short term rentals in Macedonia are situated all over the country and include some of the best offers for visitors of various kinds. You can lease a very modern studio rental in the center of the modern cities or go for a luxury apartment in some of the most prominent parts of the country. Equally accessible are holiday homes with more bedrooms in serene locations.

Another option which is appealing to couples is acquiring a serviced apartment capable of providing a very appropriate stay for two or more people if you come with a smaller group. The hosts’ primary concern is to provide quality staying opportunities. So it is not uncommon that by renting a shared rental you also get a bed and breakfast, provided by your host.

Also, all of the flats include basic amenities like an internet connection or extra toiletries. Renting a self-catering accommodation in Macedonia will provide you with a kitchen with fully functioning appliances which are used for preparing dinners. More luxurious rentals have better amenities, but all of the listed ones are equally useful and each and every one of them has got its charms.



What to See


While visiting Macedonia, traveling and exploring the region is the best thing. The historical sites are simply exceptional together with the exquisite architecture. There are many historical monuments in Macedonia that attracts many tourists. Some of them are Skopje Fortress, Stone Bridge, Millennium Cross, The Memorial House of Mother Teresa, etc. The museums is a must-thing whenever you visit this breathtaking country, Macedonia.


Kale Fortress, Skopje

Kale Fortress, Skopje


Holiday Apartments in Macedonia


While you are in Macedonia you should consider to rent one of the available holiday rentals. There is a wide range of such lodging, from rental apartments, villas and houses to spacious rooms. With so much being offered in terms of exquisite locations of vacation accommodation, visiting this place for a short stay has never been easier. Self-catering rentals have everything that tourists need.

The bathrooms, kitchen and the living room have all the best facilities together with an efficient and stable internet connection. The affordable living has never been so comfortable all thanks to short term rentals. The area is connected with hospitals and parks so there shall be no difficulty for people who are living for rent. The bed and breakfast would give you a rich experience of the fine taste that is furnished from all aspects.



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