Apartments For Rent in Malaga

This page is about short term rentals in Malaga, Spain. You will find hundreds of listed apartments and private rooms here. See the list of available holiday rentals in the city and find the most important information about the city, too.


The page offers more than 1000 different types of private properties available to all types of travelers. Some of them are more affordable, such as private rooms, but luxury villas are also available. Each rental you will find on this page is listed by an owner who is a local person from Malaga.

The friendly locals will be happy to have you and your family as their guests for the period of your stay. You can ask your landlords questions about Malaga, the best restaurants and other insider’s tips. Aside from affordable prices, the friendly and helpful hosts represent another advantage of private rentals over hotels.


Malaga, room

Room for rent in Malaga, from EUR 45 per night.


Many of the available temporary housings in Malaga are situated on the long Nerja Beach and Torremolinos Beach, which are the most popular beaches of the city. Here you can find furnished houses which offer you the chance to spend your vacation with full and quick access to the beaches of Malaga. You can also book bed and breakfast services to go with your short let that comes with amenities.


Spacious villas represent one of the most luxurious types of accommodation in Malaga. Situated mostly around the coastline, there are villas with hot tubs, new furniture and private parking spaces. They are suitable for families, groups of friends and any type of tourist who wants to spend a vacation in a big way.

People who would like to live in the luxury of the Mediterranean for a period of time are encouraged to book holiday homes with stunning sea views.


Malaga villa with a pool

Villa with a pool and garden in Malaga to rent.


Prices of Accommodation in Malaga


The comfort of the Mediterranean can be now be experienced at a more affordable price. The short leases in Malaga range from 30 to 300 euros a night. Condos in almost every part of the city can be leased for a price of 30 to 50 euros. For up to 100 euros there are centrally located serviced apartments or ones which are closer to the popular beaches of Malaga. Bigger, better and spacious homes are priced from 100 to 200 euros a night.

There are also whole homes to rent that can house a larger group of people. Between 200 and 300 euros, short stay villas and other luxurious types of vacation rentals are available. These are equipped with swimming pools and extravagant amenities.



Rentals Locations


The Pedregalejo Beach and Playas Del Palo are some of the most popular beaches of Malaga, and the area around is filled with different styles of leases. Camino de Antequera or Jardín de la Abadía will also give you a chance to find appropriate places for you to spend your vacation.

Rent a studio in Explanada de la Estación area of Malaga, or a condo for two in Pedregalejo Playa. Monte Sancha, Cerrado de Calderón or Conde de Ureña are areas which feature the most whole houses to rent.



Information About Accommodation in Malaga


Malaga is a municipality and city in Andalusia, Spain. It has a population of more than 560 thousand inhabitants, making it the sixth largest city in Spain. Located on the Costa del Sol, Malaga is also the southernmost city in Europe when it comes to large cities.


La Malagueta, Malaga, Spain

La Malagueta, Malaga, Spain


With the subtropical-mediterranean climate of the city and average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius during the day, you absolutely can’t go wrong when spending your holidays in Malaga. This city has a rich history which spans the period of 2800 years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world.


Historical Center of Malaga

Historical Center of Malaga


It is also the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Antonio Banderas and Hebrew poet and Jewish philosopher Solomon Ibn Gabirol. During your stay, you should definitely visit Castillo de Gibralfaro, the Casa Natal Museum (birthplace of Picasso), Picasso Home Museum and the Arabic fortress of Alcazaba.



Attractions in Malaga, Spain


When visiting Malaga for sightseeing purposes, be confident that you will never run out of options here. Malaga has so many sightseeing destinations and attractions to offer that make the city more beautiful, attracting many people across the world. You can make memories here by doing some activities with your family or friends, or simply take pictures of the scenery and bring back them back at home.


If you want to relax in the beach, then you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Torremolinos Beach in the center of Torremolinos next to Playamar. The beach is a very popular destination for both locals and tourists. Also, the beach is equipped with some of the best facilities, great for family holidays. So, when bringing your kids with you, this place would be ideal.

It would also be a great experience to walk in Plaza de la Merced. This cosmopolitan square is surrounded with cafes and temporary exhibitions. But be informed that the main attraction here is the birthplace of the famous Picasso that includes a facility which incorporates the works of the painter and art collections for an exhibition.


There are more places to visit in Malaga and having a 1-day trip here would not be enough to visit them all. There are museums, churches, shopping centers, and more that are waiting for you. So make sure to book a trip in Malaga for a week or so. With such beauty, history, and wonders, there would be no reason for you not to have a great time here.

Regardless of your purpose for visiting Malaga, it will guarantee a worthwhile experience and will prove that choosing this place as destination is definitely the right decision




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