Short Term Rentals in Malta

Spend a comfortable holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean by renting one of our short term rentals in Malta. The rentals on this page offer you a cheap and more comfortable way for your stay in this beautiful island country. This page offers you an easy way of booking your stay online, plus some additional information about Malta that you may find interesting in perpetration for your trip.


Malta Private Apartment For Rent

Private apartment for rent in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta – from 41 EUR per day!


The small island country of Malta may not be a glamor destination like many of it’s neighboring countires  but it has certainly have its fair share of charms. People come here for various of reasons, whether they are pleasure or work related, all of these people will need a comfortable place to stay while in Malta. As a way for you to spend a cozy week or two and guarantee fair priced stay, this site acts as a facilitator between you and the local owners of accommodation rentals listed here which results in both side being happy.

The local Maltese people will get to put their extra housing to good use, while the visitors get a fabulous place to stay in a beautiful country. There are hundreds of short term rentals in Malta situated all over the island. The majority are leased for travelers on holidays and are available for shorter stays, many hosts will be happily lease an apartment to you for longer stays if you plan on staying for work.

There are flats to rent and various forms of apartments in Malta, which are generally the most popular kind of a places to stay. Serviced apartments which include a queen sized bed, WIFI connection and an en suite bathroom. There are offers of leasing bigger villas as well which can accommodate more people. Villa vacation rentals in Malta of this kind will usually include all the amenities and comforts that a lived in house has.

By booking these temporary houses in Malta you also stand to save some money as well, besides being cheaper than staying in a hotel they offer you a lot of ways to save some extra money. Buy and prepare your own food using the full kitchen, park your car for free in a private parking space. Many hosts will also provide complimentary toiletries so you won’t have to spend extra stocking up


Apartments For Rent in Malta

There are over two hundred apartment rentals alone in Malta. Private owners from all over Malta, Sliema and Valletta for example, offer you a cheap way of staying in Malta. The landlords, as private owners, make this possible by leasing their homes. This will sometimes mean that you have to share a home with one of your landlords or perhaps other visitors, but you can be sure that your privacy will be well respected and that the lease will be affordable.


House, Malta

House for rent in Malta, from €22 per night


Short Stay Accommodation

An important thing to note is that the vast majority of these short stay rentals in Malta are very well arranged. They are furnished in order to make your stay more comfortable, many flats will be equipped with new furniture and additional services. For example, a serviced apartment with bed and breakfast accommodations is a very frequent option is Malta. Why cook while you can have your food prepared for you.

For those of you who would rather conducting some of their own culinary experiments we can offer plenty of self-catering accommodation in Malta. These are often whole houses to rent which have a fully furnished kitchen with a wide range of kitchen appliances. Try one of the luxurious short stays villas in Malta which can be rented for a low price and have the capacity of accommodating a larger group of people in the same place all at once.


St Lucian Tower, Birzebbuga, Malta

St Lucian Tower, Birzebbuga, Malta

Holiday Homes in Malta

Accommodation rentals are spread all across the country of Malta and you can search for them in almost every major city. The capital of Malta, Valletta, has the highest number of short stay apartments. Centrally located flats can also be found in bigger cities such as Sliema. If the purpose of your visit is on the other hand tour related, there are some nice temporary houses in the tourist hub on Malta, in St. Julian’s, or beach houses and short stay villas in St. Paul’s Bay. Msida offers more than a dozen rooms for rent as well and they are all wonderfully furnished.


Marsaskala, Malta

Marsaskala, Malta


Prices of Accommodation in Malta

The prices of the short leases are very affordable, so for example a flat in Mellieħa costs just 20 euros. Shared apartments with private bedrooms are also cheap, you can rent one for no more than 50 euros. Up to 100 euros for a serviced apartment will suit a small family or group. For larger groups we offer you whole houses to rent. Holiday homes come somewhere between 100 and 200 euros a night. But a luxurious vacation rental in Xagħra, Malta will cost you some 250 euros a night.



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