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Our site is specially designed to help those who are looking for short term rentals in Manaus, Brazil. These are the perfect type of accommodation for travelers who are just visiting for a few days. They are not just comfortable, but they are also and affordable.


Manaus Studio

Apartment for rent in Manaus – from $45 per night!


As the biggest and the capital city of the state of Amazonas, Manaus is also the region’s central tourism spot. Manaus will provide any type of a tourist or visitor with a suitable place to stay. The area is visited by tourists, scientists, and nature enthusiasts so immediately you may see that the different type of visitors will need different types of short stay apartments.

In Manaus, you can find anything that might tickle your fancy. Short term apartments, large holiday homes, small flats or shared accommodations are all listed here on the page waiting for an individual to look them up. Since Manaus is a mixture of modern architecture and natural parts, so are the rentals here.

They are situated in the locations which are more mixed. So for example, people who are contemporary type and need a place which is near the center of Manaus will best choose a modern flat or an apartment with amenities such as an internet connection and top notch entertainment systems.


Nature lovers will have the opportunity to find a place which is surrounded by nature. This way they will enjoy the peace and quiet that Manaus’ serene neighborhoods provide. The rentals located here can be holiday homes, perfect for a family getaway, of shared accommodations, which can be shared with your host, but you get a private room for you.

Of course, there are also some very luxuriously decorated and modernly equipped temporary homes. Such come with totally modernly furnished kitchens with various appliances, new furniture, and comfortable beds to sleep in, and amenities like air conditioning systems, private pools, and hot tubs.

Domestic visitors which would rather travel by their own vehicles do not have to worry because most of the hosts provide a free parking space on the premises. You will either have the opportunity to park it in front of the building that you are staying in or even in a garage if you are lucky enough to find a host that offers one.


Our holiday homes provide first-grade comfort for all travelers. Self-catering studios are cozy and well ordered so you can enjoy your stay there. If you want to choose a condo in Manaus which will fit your personal standards, then you have the opportunity to do just that. You can rent a villa with a flat-screen TV with cable if you want something to do while you are spending time in your room.

Book one of the late rooms with a wireless internet connection if you want to stay connected with the world or your family back home. Most of the short term leases in Manaus have washers and dryers so its guests would have a place to wash their clothes.

If you are thinking that all of these sound rather expensive, you are wrong. Our temporary flats are owned by private owners who charge a completely affordable price for all. You will save a lot of money this way I guarantee you that you will change your opinion about hotels and start renting short stays.


Manaus Room

Rent a room in Manaus – from $44 per night!


Something More About Manaus


Manaus is a city in Brazil and the capital of the state of Amazonas. It is the most populous city of Amazonas and a popular ecotourist destination. The city was firstly founded in 1669 as the Fort of Sao Jose do Rio Negro and was elevated to a town in 1832 with its current name of “Manaus”, which means “mother of the gods.”

The general metropolitan area of the city includes 2,283,906 inhabitants which make it the largest in North Brazil. The main tourist attraction of this place is the Amazon rain forest itself, and people from all around Brazil and the world come here to see the wildlife and the species-rich inhabitant.

The Meeting of the Waters is also a great attraction because people can see how the brown waters of the Solimoes River are being mixed up the black waters of the Negro River. Also, the Mercado Adolpho Lisboa, the city’s oldest marketplace.

Of course, Manaus is filled with parks and some of the most known are Ponta Negra Cultural, Sport and Leisure Park, the Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden and the Municipal Park of Mindu.


Manaus, Brazil

Manaus, Brazil



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