Find an Apartment to Rent in Maputo

We have created this page to help you find short term rentals in Maputo, Mozambique. There is no need to browse dozens of different websites as you’ll be able to find all of the available short lets via this page. Additionally, we will provide you with an overview of studio prices, apartment locations and types of private rentals which are available.


Maputo Private Room With Pool

Private room for temporary stay in Maputo, Mozambique – from 121 EUR per day!


Accommodation in Maputo – Basic Info


There is a wide range of fully-furnished apartments in Maputo, Mozambique available through this page, able to cater to every budget with reasonable and affordable prices. All of the listed holiday homes in Maputo are owned by friendly locals so you won’t have to worry about acquiring any directions or information about the area you’re staying in, as they will be glad to help their guests have a good time during their stay.

You can also read the reviews of temporary accommodations written by previous visitors of Maputo so you can be sure that what you see and book is exactly what you will get. In case you’re visiting this city with a large group of people you would do well to consider renting an entire furnished house in Maputo, Mozambique as that way you will be able to enjoy a great level of comfort at an affordable price.

Such self-catering accommodations have 2, 3 and more bedrooms, so they are ideal short stay places for families or other groups. Renting a private room in Maputo, Mozambique is a great option for those who are planning a city break or a business travel in this city on their own.


Maputo One Bedroom Apartment

One Bedroom apartment for rent in Maputo, Mozambique – from 144 EUR per day!


Where to Find Apartments?


There are many serviced apartments in Maputo, Mozambique in the area around the Central Hospital, with a wide range of amenities and in close proximity of the city centre. You can also find many rooms to let in the area close to the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane.

We especially recommend this option to students and younger visitors as they will definitely enjoy the nightlife and parties in this area. Condos are available in almost every part of the city, but most of them are in the centre. Take a look on the map and locate a vacation rental in your favorite part of Maputo.


Maputo Private Room

Rent a room for short stay in Maputo, Mozambique – from 40 EUR per day!


Rental Prices


You can expect to find rooms for rent in Maputo, Mozambique for about 50 euros per day in most of the parts of the city, including the city centre. For a sum between 180 and 240 euros per day you can find many exceptionally comfortable and luxury penthouses in the downtown area of Maputo and beach villas in the seaside area.