Apartments to Rent in Marbella. From €22/Night

This is an easier way of getting short stay apartments in Marbella which will take you less time and cost you less money. This page is equipped with the info and all the data about the private housings located in this city and will allow you to rent them with ease. Explore the page and look at the list of short term rentals in Marbella given here.


While France has St Tropez, so does Spain has Marbella. The fabulous vacation resort town is one of the best places to spend your summer vacations and enjoy the fun and the sun of the city. The coastline and the beaches are absolutely riddled with people each year. But many of you are probably wondering where all of those people found their stays from. The answer lies here on this page and our private home owners. Private accommodations are perhaps the main reason why all of the people who visit this city acquire places to stay.


There are around three hundred rentals listed on the page which will help you settle down and enjoy your stay not thinking about anything else. There are small private rooms for rent and there are large apartments to rent as well. As all of the activities in Marbella are focused around the beaches and the area around the sea, so is the biggest concentration of apartments to rent.


Marbella Apartment

Modern and homely apartment in Marbella, from €30 per night


Aside from being able to lease the usual rentals like studios and apartments in the city, in Marbella you have the opportunity to find beach houses or self-catering accommodations located near the beaches. If you are lucky, you may find a vacation rental which is on the very beach itself. A rental like that with the addition of a terrace will be more than enough for an extremely comfortable stay. As some people like to enjoy luxury stays, so is the opportunity for a stay which grants the most amount of luxury available. Lease some villas and extravagant holiday homes which include a private beach or a swimming pool. There are a dozen of these available in Marbella waiting for you.



Locations of Holiday Rentals


Located mostly near the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, the holiday homes here are a better way to spend your vacation. Since many tourists come to experience the beaches and the sun of Marbella, a place to stay near on even on the beach is a great advantage. Beach houses can be easily found and the best thing is that they are affordable.


The short stay villas which are also listed on this page will give you the greatest amount of luxury provided by any other rental in Marbella. Glamorously furnished with brand new furniture and special and unique services, villas can be located near the beaches or in central places of the city. They often come equipped with a pool, thus having a place to cool down is always within your reach. A self-catering accommodations also goes a long way because it is equipped with a full- sized kitchen, which by preparing your own food will save you an enormous amount of money, which you do not have to spend by eating out all the time.



Accommodation Prices in Marbella


Temporary housings will cost you from 50 to 300 euros in Marbella, Spain. The private homes offered on this page are meant to save you money so this is the reason why the prices are low. The flats are perhaps the cheapest type of a rental and costs up to 50 euros. For the same price you can rent a private bedroom or a shared accommodation as well. Whole houses are meant for larger groups and in total costs somewhere between 100 and 150 euros. Divided by the members of your group it is still a very cheap option. Apartment rentals for various numbers of people are priced somewhere around 200 euros in Marbella, while short term villas are 200 and up to 300 euros a night.



About Marbella


Beach in Marbella

Beach in Marbella


Marbella is located in the southern part of Spain, belonging to the province of Malaga. It is also a part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Marbella is a part of Spain’s popular tourist resort of Costa del Sol and one of the most attractive cities in that area. The city is particularly attractive to foreign visitors, having the best tourist infrastructure in the whole Costa del Sol region. Aside from being a tourist attraction, the city is also known for its archaeological finds and sites. It contains a lot of museums and is the ground of lots of music festivals- holding various performance spaces.


Street in Marbella, Spain

Street in Marbella, Spain


The things which you will no doubt find the most interesting in Marbella are its 27 kilometers of beach space in total divided into 24 individual ones. Marbella’s golden Mile is a stench of about 6 kilometers, which starts from the western side of the city and ends at Puerto Banús. This is perhaps the most exclusive part of Marbella containing many villas and luxurious homes. The Historic extension of the city includes a botanical garden which holds a collection of sculptures made by Salvador Dali.The Old Town of Marbella has the most historical sites, which are built in different styles. You will find here the Casa del Roque, Capilla de San Juan de Dios and the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engravings.



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