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We designed this page to help you find short term rentals in Marina, San Francisco, USA and give you some essential information regarding the place. All of the temporary rentals are owned by friendly local people who will help you with any information or questions you might have regarding this area during your stay.


Marina San Francisco apartment

Apartment in Marina District to rent. From $170 per night.


Almost four hundred short term apartments in Marina, San Francisco are available via this webpage, so we’re sure you will be able to find a suitable one for your holidays in this neighbourhood. You will be able to browse all of the temporary rentals right through this webpage instead of spending your valuable time looking through dozens of other pages while you seek for a perfect accommodation.

Renting an entire house in Marina, San Francisco, or an entire flat with multiple rooms is a great option for those who plan on visiting this city with a larger group of friends or with their large families, as it will provide them with the top level of comfort and liberty.

Private rooms are an excellent option for those who intend to visit this area on their own as, besides the affordable price, it will give them a really good level of comfort at a reasonable price. You can also expect many amenities to be at your disposal during your stay, though the exact list of amenities depends on the precise rental you choose. Some of the amenities are TV, Internet access, as well as self-catering so you will be able to prepare your favourite meals whenever you feel like it.


Marina San Francisco private room

Short term rental in Marina District of SF. Available to rent from $150 per night.


Learn More About Marina


This neighborhood is located in the area where the Panama-Pacific International Exposition took place in 1915, nine years after the earthquake which decimated the city to celebrate the revitalization and re-emergence of the city. The Palace of Fine Arts is the only building that survived that earthquake and until 2013, it was the place where the Exploratorium (a science museum) was situated.

While there are many attractions and landmarks in this area, an interesting fact is that since the 1980’s there has been a constant increase of young urban professionals who now represent more than a half of neighborhood’s population.


Marina, San Francisco

Marina, San Francisco



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