Apartments For Rent in Milan, Italy

This page is designed to help travelers find short term rentals in Milan, Italy. This page has two purposes: one is to help tourists find accommodations in Milan and inform them on how to rent these rentals and provide them all the useful information that will help them decide. The one is to inform them about the city, its history, festivals and sites, so they will waste no time in finding out about those things when they arrive.


Milan, luxury apartment

Luxury apartment in Milan, available online. From $90 per night.



Accommodations in Milan


When looking for a holiday apartment to stay in, one has to browse a lot of sites and spend a a lot of time on the internet.  But this page has a list of all private rooms in Milan so they will not end up wasting their time looking for accommodation. The rentals listed here are owned by the local people from Milan and are the more affordable option in comparison with hotels.


The hosts advertise their condos and holiday homes here, thus making them more available to the general public. Visitors of the page will find out more about these flats and see what they like about them. The owners are friendly people who, besides renting you a place to stay, will help you find your way around the city and point you to the city’s main sites and even make you some delicious Italian home-cooked meals if you order them. This will make your stay of a few days much better.


Milan room

Private room for rent in Milan. Available from $40 per night.



Find a place to stay in Milan now. Have a browse through our gallery or click on ‘More Property Listings’ to see all the available listings.



Available Types of Short Stay Accommodations in Milan


Thousands of room types are waiting for you to see and choose from in a metropolitan city like Milan. Literally every tourist scenario is covered here, so you won’t have problems finding short lets in Milan whatever your situation might be. Whether you are traveling alone or with your friends, whether you need a lease for a shorter period or a longer period of time, or if you need a meal to go with your temporary rental, everything is covered.


The majority of apartments for rent in Milan which are fully furnished and provide the best comfort. There are serviced apartments all around the city, near the center or on secluded places and outskirts of the town. The best ones are those which are close to shops, which you will most certainly need and use. There are also around a hundred private houses available for renting.


These self catering accommodations in Milan are a favorite choice for families or larger groups of people. They provide a lot of space for everyone and they can opt for bed and breakfast services to go with them. The owners of the house will be happy to welcome you with some of the world famous Italian recipes which will dazzle you and make you forget about your home cooking. Maybe the most famous vacation rentals in Milan are lofts.



Living A Life in Milan


There are around two hundred short term rentals on this page. They come in different sizes, can be private place for rest or a holiday home for couples, families, and group of friends. On the other hand if you want to experience the posh style of Milan, you can rent an entire villa.


The short stay villas are the most luxurious rentals in Milan and aside from a very comfortable private accommodation, they are glamorously serviced and have all the amenities and needed to enjoy Milan. But if you are on a tight budget, we then recommend some of our budget short term rentals or dorms in Milan. You will have to share the accommodation with other tourists. But this will allow you to save money and get to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world.


Centro Storico, Milan

Accommodation for rent in Centro Storico, Milan. From €60 per night.


Apartment Price Ranges


To help you get a better idea of the price ranges and make your renting easier, we will sum up the options you have, from the lowest to the highest price range. For example, for 10 to 50 euros you can find private and single rooms for rent and smaller private homes. There is one near Navigli that can accommodate up to two people with a great view for 30 euros. For a price range between 50 and a 100 euros, you can have holiday homes for smaller groups of people. They are equipped with an internet or have WiFi connection and very comfortable. For a price between a 100 euros and 200 euros there are much bigger whole houses for rent and even some smaller villas.


You can find these types of accommodations in almost every part of the city. For the price around 200 to 300 euros, you can find bigger places that can cater to larger groups of people and have two or three bedrooms. They are equipped with the most luxurious amenities available. Some have swimming pools and perhaps, these are the most beautiful holiday rentals you will find in Milan. Check out the list of guesthouses and have a great city break in Milan with your friends and family!



Holidays and Events in Milan



  • Milano Moda Uomo: A fashion event centered around men clothing lines.
  • Fiera di Senigallia: A shopping event.


Milano Moda Uomo

Milano Moda Uomo



  • Milano Moda Donna: A fashion event of top designers concerning women’s fashion.
  • Carnevale Ambrosiano: A carnival of carnivals.7



  • Milano San Remo: An international bicycle race.
  • BIT – The Fiera: A tourist trade show held in Milan’s Exhibition Center.



  • Fiera dei Fiori: A flower growing fair held on the first Monday after Easter each year.
  • Stramilano: A local marathon where professionals as well as amateurs can participate.



  • Sagra del Carroccio: A costumed commemoration of the battle of Legnano.
  • Estate dell’Idroscalo: A spectacle with music, sporting and entertainment events.



  • Festa del Naviglio: Local artists exhibit their paining along the street of Naviglio canal.
  • Sagra di San Giovanni: A costumed parade.



  • Festival Latino-Americano: A festival which celebrates the Latin-American art, music, dance and cuisine.



  • Milan Bluegrass Festival: A bluegrass music festival.



  • Serie A Football: A celebration of the start of the new football season.
  • Milano Moda Donna (Women’s Fashion): A fashion event which exhibits the spring/fall woman’s collection.



  • Fiera di Chiaravalle: This event features dancing, music and an art collection exhibit and takes place on the first Monday of October.
  • MODIT-Milanovendemoda: A fashion event.



  • Christmas Day: A Christmas day celebration which brings families closer together.


Milano, Italy

Milano, Italy – Shopping



Institutions in Milan


Milan is the home of many of educational and cultural institutions and many galleries and museums. Museums include The Museum of Musical Instruments, The Furniture Museum, The Museum of Ancient Art and the Archaeological Museum. It is also the home of the Pinacoteca di Brera gallery, where some of the most famous works, including Michelangelo’s last sculpture, are exhibited. The oldest University in Milan is the Politecnico di Milano, which dates back to 1863.


Other universities are the State University of Milan, the Bocconi University, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the University of Milan Bicocca, the IULM University of Milan, the Università Vita Salute San Raffaele. There are also some prominent music and fine arts schools such as the Milan Academy of Fine Arts, the New Academy of Fine Arts, the European Institute of Design, the Marangoni Institute, the Pontifical Ambrosian Institute of Sacred Music and the Milan Conservatory.


The Museum of Ancient Art

The Museum of Ancient Art in Milan


Landmarks and Sightseeing


  • Museums: Pinacoteca di Brera, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Museo del Novecento, Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Societa’ per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente, Gallerie d’Italia piazza Scala, The Sforzesco Castle, Contemporary Arts Pavillion, Civico Museo Archeologico, Museo del Duomo, Museo d’Arte Paolo Pini, Hangar Bicocca, Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology, Natural Science Museum, Triennale di Milano, The Palazzo Reale, Museo Teatrale alla Scala.


  • Churches: The Duomo, Saint Mary of the Graces, Saint Ambrose, Saint Maurice, San Lorenzo, Sant’Eustorgio basilica, San Simpliciano basilica, Santa Maria presso San Satiro church, San Nazaro Maggiore basilica, Sant’Antonio Abate church, Certosa di Garegnano charterhouse, San Vittore al Corpo basilica, Sant’Alessandro Basilica, Sant’Eufemia Basilica, San Bernardino alle Ossa church, San Cristoforo church, San Francesco da Paola, Santa Maria della Passione basilica, San Marco Basilica, Santa Maria dei Miracoli presso San Celso basilica, San Fedele church, Santa Maria del Carmine, San Giuseppe in via Verdi , Santa Maria Incoronata, Sant’Angelo church, San Pietro in Gessate, San Gottardo in corte, San Vincenzo in Prato basilica, San Giorgio al Palazzo church, Santa Maria Podone church, San Carlo al Corso church, Chiaravalle Abbey, Viboldone Abbey.


  • Monuments: The Castello Sforzesco, La Scala Theatre, Cimitero Monumentale, Ca’ Granda Old Hospital, La Rotonda della Besana, Palazzo Clerici, Palazzo Litta, Palazzo Marino, Palazzo Serbelloni, Palazzo Rocca Saporiti, Piazza Bologna, Palazzo Borromeo, Palazzo Fontana Silvestri , Palazzo Dugnani, Palazzo Durini, Villa Simonetta, Palazzo Cusani, Palazzo Arcivescovile, Palazzo Sormani, Bicocca degli Arcimboldi, Arco della Pace, Porta Ticinese, Porta Romana, Arena Civica, Casa Campanini, Casa Galimberti, Casa Laugier, Casa Guazzoni, Villa Necchi Campiglio.


  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele: a shopping mall situated in the 19th century palace.
  • Piazza del Duomo: The biggest square of the city.
  • Cinque Vie historical district: The most ancient part of Milan.
  • Piazza Mercanti: A medieval square.
  • Biblioteca Ambrosiana: A historic library.
  • Palazzo Belgiojoso: A small but very beautiful square.
  • Via della Spiga: A beautiful cobblestone street.
  • Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense: A library dating back to the 1770.
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele: A high street shopping area.
  • Via Dante: The biggest and the most fashionable high streets in Milan.
  • Via Montenapoleone: A high shopping street.
  • Via Manzoni: One of the most beautiful streets of the city.
  • Corso Magenta: An aristocratic street.
  • Piazza Cadorna: One of Milan’s most famous squares.
  • Piazza Duca d’Aosta: One of Milan’s most modern squares.
  • Torre Velasca: A tall castles like skyscraper, built in the 1950s.
  • Corso Buenos Aires: One of the longest shopping streets of the world.
  • San Siro Stadium: The football stadium of the local clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan.
  • Leonardo’s Horse: A bronze statue built by original project of Leonardo da Vinci.



Neighborhoods of Milan


  • Barona: A border district characterized by having many residential areas and green patches.
  • Bovisa: An area which developed from an ancient rural settlement, which can be derived from its name since it translates into English as “ox”.
  • Brera: A district famous for its the Brera Art Gallery and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.
  • Calvairate: A district of Milan which is located just north of the center of the city.
  • Centro Direzionale: This is mainly a business district of Milan which was developed because of limiting congestion in the city, thus moving all the business sectors to this district.
  • Centro Storico: A historical center of Milan.
  • Chinatown: A Chinese section of Milan with a lot of Chinese shops, markets, and other objects which concern the Chinese culture.
  • Città Studi: This district is famous for housing the Politecnico technical university and the University of Milan. Also, the IRCCS National Cancer Foundation is situated here.
  • Navigli: It is a canal district of Milan which consists of five canals, Naviglio Pavese, Naviglio Martesana, Naviglio Grande, Naviglio di Bereguardo and Naviglio di Paderno.
  • Porta Romana: The district where the former city gate of Milan is situated, which dates back from the former Roman walls.
  • Porta Vittoria: Is a district where the Spanish walls of the city gates used to be. The gates are now gone but the district has kept the name.
  • Zona 2: Situated to the north-east, it connects the center with the periphery.
  • Zona 3: One of the administrative districts of the city, situated on the north-eastern area and includes the Milano Lambrate railway station.
  • Zona 4: Situated on the south-eastern part and includes Acquabella, Castagneto, Forlanini and Gamboloita quarters.
  • Zona 5: A district which occupies the southernmost part of Milan and includes the Parco Agricolo del Ticinello and Chiaravalle Abbey in it.
  • Zona 6: Located on the south-western part of the city and is one of nine administrative zones of Milan.
  • Zona 7: Physically the most extended zone of the city and is located on the western side off the center.
  • Zona 8: A zone situated on the north-west of the city and is popular for being comprised of six parks.
  • Zona 9: One of nine administrative zones of the city which is located on the upper north side.