Rent Holiday Accommodation in Moldova

When mentioning Moldova, tourism is not the first thing that comes to mind. As this is entirely true and this country is not entirely famous for its tourist activity. But this has changed in the past years as more and more tourists visit Moldova and stay at vacation rentals.



Accommodation in Moldova


Whether you are coming here for tourist or business reasons, it is entirely the same because the apartment rentals offered here may serve and can be used for various types of stay in this European country. These are all privately owned rentals in Moldova which are made available through this page for everyone.

You can stay in Moldova for a fairly cheap amount of money and find leases which are quite affordable. Although the purpose of these private properties in Moldova is to provide you with a stay for a short period of time, there are some which can actually be used for longer stays.


There are places which are quite modernly arranged, flats which are located in the central parts of Moldovan cities, and some very nice cottages situated in the countryside as well. If you are thinking that these places will not provide you with a quality stay, you are definitely mistaken.

Not only do they provide a personal type of stay, but they are furnished with many different amenities and arranged to fulfill any vacationing need that you may have. Be on the lookout for places which offer bed and breakfast services, too because they included meal within your rental.

Also, the majority of the places offer an internet connection, air conditioning system and other very useful amenities. Self-catering flats in Moldova are furnished with a kitchen, so you can easily use it to prepare meals from the ingredients which you have bought at the local markets or stores.



About Moldova


Moldova is a country that is famous for having a rich history and culture amidst its turbulent past. Ever since its independence the place has started to flourish with the tourism industry progressing each year. Despite being a small country, it is able to lure a vast number of people especially to its eastern side. Casinos are what this part of the world boasts of.

There are numerous famous ones with the likes of Casino Grand, Admiral Casino etc. These casinos are located in the capital and able to accommodate all sorts of international games. The casino culture is also found to be very much widespread in other leading cities other than the capital.


Capriana Monastery, Moldova

Capriana Monastery, Moldova


Moldova Short Term Accommodation


Accommodation in Moldova is never a hard task as long as you have the reliable service of someone like us. Our site would give you a fair idea of what is being offered in the name of amazing villas and self-catering apartments. We have a diverse range of vacation rentals from a single room to an exquisite collection of suites.

Your short stay in this amazing city would be further enhanced by our holiday houses and inns. These are available at very much affordable prices. Online booking is always open for people who are making it from far off destinations. Hence, you can have your bed and breakfast room arranged well before you land on the soil.

The affordable holiday rentals are offered as we keep in mind the needs of the visitors. The comfort that is provided here is exceptional along with a speedy internet connection and furnished interior.