Short Term Rentals in Monaco

We made this page to provide you with a list of holiday rentals in Monaco. Browse though the list and choose your accommodation today.


Apartment with sea view in Monaco; from $166 per night!

Apartment for rent with sea view in Monaco. From EUR 130 per night!


We can offer you a few hundred privately owned apartments for rent and villas Monaco. All of them are well furnished, so you will have all you need during your holiday. Monaco is a picturesque country of Europe known for its serenity and peaceful life. Though the place is claimed to be pretty costly and expensive, a small trip within your budget can be made in this amazing place.

Monte Carlo is one amazing place that deserves a mention. It has its European charm attached to it. Despite this, the contemporary hotels and resorts are a part of the modern day cities. Then there is this much awaited racing event of Formula One that is hosted every year. For this reason, the place is able to allure significant number of racing enthusiasts towards Monaco.



Apartments For Rent in Monaco


View from the apartment Monaco Saint Roman; price from $165 per night!

View from the apartment Monaco Saint Roman. Price from 125 EUR per night!


As there are not many ways one can find apartment to rent in Monaco, we are offering you one which does not include renting a room at a hotel and spending long hours on the net looking to find one. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world but one which has a fairy dense population and certainly one which offers various attractions and entertainment events and spots.

Certainly, many people would like to visit Monte Carlo, enjoy seeing the formula 1 race around its famous track or seeing a game of its local football club as well. All of these are now available to you with this page. Various short term rentals in Monaco are listed here and are up for grabs to anyone who wishes to use them. The majority of the listed places are enormous holiday homes which go with the luxury and the standard of this place.



Holiday Accommodation in Monaco


You will be able to rent holiday rentals in Monaco which are luxuriously furnished. Just take a look at the selection of the short stay villas offered here and you will be dazzled with an opportunity of renting a place which has its own swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, a gym or other extravagant amenity this type of a rental may have.

These temporary housings are owned by the local people. You will be able to book studios in Monaco for a fairly affordable price and still get to enjoy everything which this city country has to offer. In addition, you will be able to see and participate in the major events the city has by finding late rooms in great locations. Grab a chance of booking a rental in Monaco or near some famous sites for a great vacation to this country.



Short Stay Apartments in Monaco


Monaco short term rentals

Monaco short term rentals


So with this city buzzing with tourists every year, no wonder one of the best holiday accommodation plans have been set up in here. The host country of a mega event has available studio apartments so that a large number of people can find comfortable houses here.

The affordable self-catering villas and short stay apartments in Monaco have all the basic facilities that make them comparable to a home. The bed and breakfast is just about great where from single room to a whole place for rent can be chosen. The people are of hospitable nature, hence one would find no problem in adjusting for a temporary stay.

Our website is very user friendly. You can scan through different options for furnished and affordable housing before you make any decision. Our online booking is open at all times so you can book your vacation rentals from the comfort of your home.




What to Do in Monaco


A visit to Monaco will never as unforgettable as it can be without trying out some of the best activities or visiting the best places. If you want to experience a new kind of gambling, the Casino de Monte Carlo is a great place to learn some strategies or win some money from other poker-faced players.

To have a feel of Monaco’s nature and wildlife, the Musee Oceanographique de Monaco is one worthy place to visit. You should also not miss to sip some wine in Burgundy or have a feast on local delicacies in Provence. All these things and more will be waiting for you in the beautiful Monaco. Be sure to spare a few days to satisfy yourself with its beauty and wonders.



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