Apartments And Houses to Let in Nakuru

A choice of over a dozen short term rentals in Nakuru, Kenya can be seen here. The page is specially designed to help tourists and other visitors of this city find places to stay for a few days more easily. The page does this by employing the basic and some additional info which make it much cost effective and less time consuming for the users.


Entire home in Nakuru for rent. From €26 per night.

Entire home in Nakuru for rent. From €26 per night.


Information About Accommodation


To find apartments to rent in Nakuru and other private housings in the city, just click on the Search button. Temporary rentals which are owned by owners from the area you are visiting offer convenient places to stay, with all the amenities but for a much affordable price.

This is the purpose of the page, to bring you together with these hosts in Nakuru, Kenya and help you get in touch with them so you can enjoy a stay in one of the offered serviced apartments. The selection of available accommodations in Nakuru is quite wide and offers various short lets for various purposes.

People who want to enjoy a relaxing vacation, people who are on a business trip or plain tourists who are here sightseeing are welcomed to try and use the offered temporary housings on this page.


The most basic types are a private room or a shared accommodation. You will most likely share the house with your landlord, which can be an advantage because he or she will help you get to know the area better, but will be given your personal room to enjoy in your own privacy. Besides these apartments in Nakuru you can also find whole houses to rent.

Holiday homes are often listed as family houses because they are meant for larger groups and are often rented by families. People who come with families and their kids as well can find a housing which is child secure and also offers a lot of space for the kids, as well as for the adults, to enjoy.

A big back yard is another feature offered by vacation rentals in Nakuru and also big kitchens with various appliances for preparing meals for your family. Lodges, flats and apartments are mainly used by single visitors, for the exception of holiday apartments because they may be used by two or three people, but are preferred by couples.

These short stays for smaller groups come equipped with internet connections, cable TV and other entertainment systems to make you feel right at home.


Guest House Nakuru for rent. From €53 per day.

Guest House in Nakuru for rent. From €53 per day.


Apartment Locations


Holiday rentals in Nakuru, Kenya can be found all over the city, the central part as well as the suburban parts. Apartments are mostly situated along Old Nairobi Road and are very well ordered besides being greatly located. Flats are also situated in the nearest vicinity of the Nakuru Goods Railway station, so you have a quick and easy access to public as well as intercity transport.

The area of Bishara is one of the quieter ones while the Shabab neighborhood has some great nightlife opportunities, based on that one can choose a lease in those areas. if you are, on the other hand, arriving with a group, then the area of Bondeni, more accurately on Gichua Road, has a selection of whole house to rent from which you can choose from.





The price range of these types of accommodations is quite cheap. For example an apartment in Nakuru, Kenya can be leased for 10 to 20 euros per day. There is even en entire home for some 30 euros a night available, but it can go up to 80 euros per nigh depending on the amenities and services included.


Homely gueshouse in Nakuru for rent. From €23 per night.

Homely gueshouse in Nakuru for rent. From €23 per night.