Short Term Rentals in Nashville, TN

We made this page to help you to compare short term rentals in Nashville, TN and to choose one you’ll book online. All properties are owned by private owners. Their private rooms and apartments are ready to be leased for a weekend to a few weeks.


House for rent in Nashville, TN; from $60 per night!

House for rent in Nashville, TN; from $60 per night!


Having an affordable but luxurious temporary accommodation is always an issue. But we can provide you with such lodging in Nashville, TN. Guesthouses include fully equipped apartments with all the necessary home appliances and holiday villas with garden and pool at prices more affordable than in hotels.

Choose one of the quality self-catering condos, where you can prepare meals on your own. All of these properties are furnished and decorated to make it comfortable for you in every aspect. You can avail nightly and weekly flats for your short stay in Nashville, like if you are arriving here for a business deal. Avail of bed and breakfast studio if you travel here for a city break, which is budget-friendly and will save you a lot of time in terms of preparing meals.

You can also opt for excellent short term leases in Nashville at affordable price with our help. Book ahead and have the best flats for a short period of time in your name, before anyone else grabs it.


 Nashville Apartment

Apartment for rent in Nashville, TN – from $70 per night!


Some Facts About Nashville


The ‘Country Music capital’ of the world, Nashville, Tennessee is famous for the presence of Country Music stars like Paramore, Kings of Leon, Young Buck and Haystak, all having their origin to this city. Located on the Cumberland River, the city has a great nightlife, where you can go for bar hopping or ‘Honky-tonking’.

AT&T Building is the trademark of the Nashville skyline, also known as the Batman Building. Another trademark is the Musica, a sculpture dedicated to the city’s allegiance to Country Music.


Nashville, TN, USA

Nashville, TN




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