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Find affordable short term rentals in New Orleans, LA. Just browse through the page to find information about the place and the different properties being offered that will serve as your home during your short stay.


Sunny apartment in New Orleans, LA; from $85 per night!

Sunny apartment in New Orleans, LA; from $85 per night!


If you are seeking for some quality short term leases in New Orleans, LA at affordable prices, we are here to present you with such. Here you will find several temporary housing in this city, making your city break much better. Forget those expensive hotels, live like a king in one of our short lets.

With our large offer, many diverse private accommodation options, we can safely say that these apartments to let can cater to almost every budget. Thanks to diverse locations, types and prices, everyone will be able to find a place to stay during their vacation in this city that will be perfectly suitable to their vacation preferences and style.


Apartment For Rent in New Orleans, LA


You can rent one of one of the available self-catering houses that can accommodate a large group of people, furnished apartments which will give you comfort like at home and luxuriously modern villas for your stay in New Orleans. Take a look around and book yourself a bed and breakfast studio to let go the worries about anything else than enjoying your holiday.

There are options like nightly and weekly flats for rent, depending on whether you’re staying for a few days or weeks. You can also book one of the private rooms, where you can enjoy in peace and privacy, without disturbance.

Renting a bed and breakfast arrangement in New Orleans is a great way to spend your vacation if you’re going to visit alone, as you’ll have lots of space and many amenities at a modest price. Also, this will provide the most possibilities regarding the location and price. For example, you can book a private room in New Orleans for $69 per day and enjoy a high level of comfort and lots of amenities.


New Orleans, LA


An old city, with a vibrant cosmopolitan Creole culture and the birthplace of jazz and blossoming culture- are the best things descriptions of New Orleans. Take a boat down the river Mississippi and you can have a great weekend break. Devastated by the hurricane Katrina a few years back, New Orleans have come back on its feet and the biggest city of Louisiana is again a hot bed for tourists.


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