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Welcome to this webpage, which we created in order to help you find short term rentals in Nob Hill, San Francisco, USA as well as to give you some basic information regarding this neighbourhood and area. The best thing about private accommodation is that all of the rentals are owned by friendly local people, who will be happy to help you with any information you might need regarding your stay here, as well as to give you useful advices on where to taste the best prepared food, in which cafe to drink the best coffee, which sights you should see and many more.


Nob Hill private room

Nob Hill, San Francisco -private room to let. From $129 per night.


A bit more than two hundred short stay apartments are available in Nob Hill, San Francisco and we’re sure that you will easily find a perfect one for your holidays, matching your idea of a perfect vacation. An excellent choice for those who are planning to come as a part of a larger group is to rent an entire house in Nob Hill, San Francisco, as it will give them a great level of liberty and comfort, represents a spacious accommodation and the price range is so wide that everyone will be able to find a house in accordance with their budget. On the other hand, those who are planning to visit this are on their own should think about renting a private room in Nob Hill, San Francisco, as it gives them all the comfort they would want at an affordable price and provides more than enough space for them. Amenities are, of course, what makes the stay an even better and comfortable experience, and the list of amenities available varies, based on the exact rental you choose. Some of them are Internet access, free parking on premises, self-catering and many more.


Nob Hill apartment

Apartment to rent in Nob Hill. Available from $140 per night.


Nob Hill – Most Important Facts

This is a neighbourhood located on the intersection of Powell Street and California Street, representing one of the original „Seven Hills“ of San Francisco. It got its name after Big Four of Central Pacific Railroad company which were called Nobs (a local word variant for „Snobs“, wealthy or rich) built their mansions there. In this area there are mostly upper-class families of the city as well as young urban professionals and it’s also sometimes called Snob Hill. Regarding the sights and landmarks, there are most expensive hotels in the city, the Mark Hopkins Hotel, the Fairmont Hotel, the Huntington Hotel and the Stanford Court (The Big Four) as well as some of the city’s largest churches i.e. places of worship – Grace Cathedral and Masonic Temple and many parks, green areas.


Nob Hill San Francisco

Nob Hill, San Francisco


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