Affordable Short Stays in Norfolk, VA

Welcome to the page with information on how to find short term rentals in Norfolk, VA. Take a look at the wide list of temporary housing and book your favorite place to stay today!


Norfolk Apartment

Rent an apartment in Norfolk, VA – from $75 per night!


Getting a private accommodation booked in Norfolk has become easier now, with the online booking facility available on our website. You can find numerous short lets in the city of Norfolk, which costs much less than the usual hotels. If you are thinking that they may be low in comfort level, you are completely mistaken.

The short term leases like the spacious houses and self-catering studios available in Norfolk are available with all sorts of necessary amenities. The only difference is that they cost lesser than hotels. Book one of the bed and breakfast flats, where you can have some great food. A few of those nightly and weekly apartments can take your cost of stay to a much lower price during your short period of stay in this city.


Xscape Loft & Water Sports Resort, Norfolk, VA; from $169 per night!

Xscape Loft & Water Sports Resort, Norfolk, VA; from $169 per night!


All listed temporary housings are owned by locals which is great because they will be happy to guide you while you are in their rental. We have some affordable places to rent in Norfolk, and some luxurious properties as well. Studio apartments are a great choice for couples and those who want to save some money. For bigger groups we have houses for rent that can accommodate ten or more people. For more info on properties you can rent for a few days in Norfolk, Virginia please take a look on the list of available properties.



Attractions in Norfolk, VA


A port city of Virginia, the city of Norfolk is known for its strong naval presence. In fact, Norfolk has the world’s largest naval base. There are some world class operas, museums and many more cultural centers around the city, as well. Town Point Park, a theme waterpark, is something you should not miss to visit. Some great guided tours give you an ample view of the activities in the naval base.


Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA



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