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We have designed this page to help you find short term rentals in North Beach, San Francisco, USA and to give you a basic overview of this area of the city. All of the private rentals are owned by friendly local people who will be glad to help you with any advice or information you might need, as well as point you to the best restaurants, cafes, shops and generally landmarks of the area, and help you feel like at home during your stay.


North Beach, SF private room

Private apartment in North Beach, San Francisco. You can rent it from $78 per night.


With around seventy furnished short stay rentals in North Beach, San Francisco, we’re sure you will be able to pick a perfect apartment for your holidays, fully in accordance with your preferred vacation style. As opposed to the hotels, you won’t have to put up with various complicated procedures and regulations so you will be able to fully enjoy your stay and make it a memorable experience.

Renting a private room in North Beach, San Francisco is a great way to experience the city for those who are planning to come over on their own, as they will have a comfortable stay and amenities at an affordable price.

Those who intend to visit with a large family or generally as a part of a larger group, should definitely consider renting an entire furnished flat in North Beach, San Francisco, or even an entire house, as it will provide them with a great level of comfort and autonomy for a reasonable price. Also, there are many amenities available, the list of which depends on the precise rental you choose. Among them are cable TV, Wi-Fi Internet access, self-catering and many more.


North Beach apartment

Entire apartment in North Beach, San Francisco. From $150 per night.


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North Beach is considered to be the Little Italy of San Francisco as there is a large population of Italian Americans, many Italian restaurants and cafes. Today, the demographic structure has changed so that many other ethnic groups call this neighbourhood their home and there are many young urban professionals, Chinese immigrants (due to the proximity of the Chinatown) and families and the American Planning Association declared that North Beach is one of ten greatest neighbourhoods in America.


North Beach, San Francisco

North Beach, San Francisco



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