Private Accommodation in North Oakland, San Francisco

Welcome to this page which we designed to help you find short term rentals in North Oakland, San Francisco, USA and to give you an overview of this neighborhood and area to make planning of your vacation as easy as possible. All of the apartments are owned by friendly local people who will be more than happy to help you with any dilemmas and questions you might have regarding your stay, such as where to go out for a dinner, which sights to check out and lots of insider information about this area.


North Oakland private room

Private room in North Oakland. Available to rent from $49 per night.


With more than two hundred furnished apartments to let in North Oakland, San Francisco available, you will definitely be able to find a perfect one for your holidays. Instead of losing your valuable time to browsing dozens of different websites in order to find a suitable short stay rental, you can find all of them on this page and make it easier for yourself. Bed & breakfast arrangements in North Oakland, San Francisco are a great way to spend your vacation in this area, especially in case you’re planning on coming over on your own, and the best part is that the prices are quite affordable. Renting an entire furnished flat with multiple bedrooms is an excellent way for larger groups of people or larger families to spend their vacation as comfortably as possible and with more than enough space for everybody, for a reasonable amount of money. There are numerous amenities available with all of these arrangements and some of those you can count on are free parking on premises, TV, Internet access and many more.


North Oakland apartment

Apartment in North Oakland to rent. From $95 per night.


Most Important Facts About North Oakland

This area is bordered by downtown Oakland, West Oakland and Oakland Hills and was annexed to Oakland in 1897. There has been a significant gentrification of this area, and as a consequence the population of African-Americans has dropped significantly, though they are still a majority in the western part of North Oakland.


North Oakland, San Francisco

North Oakland, San Francisco


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