Apartments For Rent In Norway

Norway, with it’s capital city Oslo, is regarded as one of the finest places in terms of safety and civilization. It is a Scandinavian country having borders with Sweden and Finland. It has a monarchy as per the constitution. The climate is perfect for all outdoor activities. It includes hunting, hiking, biking. Skiing is supposed to be the national sports.



Short Stay Accommodation in Norway


Over a thousand short term rentals in Norway are listed here on this page. Norway is perhaps one of the most interesting countries in Scandinavia for foreign visitors and its numerous cultural sites and various attractions account for this trend. As the ever rising numbers of tourists and visitors who are coming here are constantly looking for more favorable places to stay, we are giving you an option which has proven to be one of the better ones.

As hotels are too expensive these days and the need for a more personal and private accommodations is rising, the popularity of private accommodation is rising. We are offering you private rentals owned by local people from various towns of Norway and available to you in just a few clicks on this page.


A furnished apartment for rent in Oslo, Norway

Short stay apartment for rent in Oslo, Norway- from EUR 50 per night


Accommodations in Norway come in various forms and the quality of each and every one of them is truly exquisite. Norway is considered as one of the countries with the highest standard in Europe, so you should consider these rentals in Norway to be of the highest standard available. Studios in Norway can be rented at affordable prices and the quality and the comfort they provide is really top notch.

Places to stay in central parts of the main Norwegian cities are available each day, while some smaller places can be visited using this way. An option for whole families who are visiting Norway is also given as there are a number of holiday homes available. Serviced apartments with double beds are a favorite way for couples speeding a romantic visit to this country while business trips are also more attainable by staying in a small flat for a few days.

Luxury can also be an issue and such reason there are a number of unique rentals. Short stay villas are popular in Norway and there are certainly a number of them which may get your attention, so be sure to look some of them up.



About Norway


A beautiful and relaxing view of Norway



Moving around Norway is easy with the convenience of buses, ferries and trains. It is well connected by air to all the parts of the world. Tourist throng the places all round the year. There is plenty to see as places of attraction here. Fish and seafood is Norway’s favorite and good restaurants and other cuisines are available all over.



Bed and Breakfast Services in Norway


The service of bed and breakfast is exemplary. The most important aspect of spending a holiday in Norway is that it is quite affordable.  As far as accommodation is concerned, depending on the nature of your visit, vacation rentals can be easily arranged.

For a short stay, you get unmatched choices to decide. The variety includes self-catering rental apartments for those seeking privacy and affordability. Whereas, vacation houses and short stay villas are available for rent at rates that is by any standards very reasonable. Single room having significant amenities can be located with equal ease. All of them are furnished, meeting the requirements of visitors.